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Tech2Date is a Technology News blog primarily focusing on reviews and price updates on Gadgets, Mobile phones, Smartphones, Laptops, Android, iOS Jailbreaking and unlocking, web 2.0 tools, software, automobiles and games along with Tech Today News.

As an authoritative technology blog, we receive many requests to publish posts. In order to maintain our high standards of content and to ensure maximum benefits for our clients, we have adopted a stricter standard of accepting guest posts.

Currently we are accepting Articles in the following topics :

1) Latest Technology News.

2) News related to Microsoft, Apple, Google and other top technology companies.

3) Gadgets and Cell-phones Reviews and Comparisons.

4) Applications Reviews (iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows).

5) Web 2.0 Tools

6) Software Reviews.

6) Tips, Tutorials and Guides (iPhone Jailbreaking, iPhone Unlock, iPhone hacks, other gadget and app Hacks, any other techie tutorial)

If you are not sure about the categories or if you have any other topic to write on, then please consider contacting us first. You can use Contact Form or drop a mail directly at editor (at) tech2date (dot) com. We will help you in such case.

Guidelines For Writers And Guest Authors :

1) Articles must be written in English and should be free of Grammatical errors.

2) We recommend articles to have atleast 300-400 words but we are not specific here.

3) Articles must have to be unique and pass Copyscape and other content scanners.

4) If you are writing about Gadget Reviews, then please make sure that the reviews are original and not affected by Evangialism.

5) If you are writing about News and Rumors, then make sure its latest.

6) You will be allowed to make three anchor backlinks from the guest post.

7) Articles submitted for review will be published within 24 hours or in 48 hours. (This is not a Guarantee)

What We Don’t Mind :

1) We don’t mind your age or qualification to write posts here. You can write posts even if you are a Toddler. We just want the posts to meet the above said norms.

2) You can be of any shape and size to post here.

3) We are not region specific to get guest posts. You can be from any part of the Earth.

How To Submit The Article?

Its very Simple.

1) Contact us at editor [add] tech2date [dot] com and provide your article title. We will inform you of the requirements for guest posts.

2) Email the article to editor [add] tech2date [dot] com. You are done!

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