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Wi-Fi Radio & Atom CPU on single chip: Intel’s research

by T2D Staff on February 23, 2012

It is time for Intel to step out of the competition from AMD and Nvidia. Current research project of the chip giant is doing so. Dubbed Rosepoint, the engineers at Intel now have managed to bring together digital 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio and low-power Atom CPU in a single chip.

intel rosepoint 300x200 Wi Fi Radio & Atom CPU on single chip: Intels research

It may sound simple, but bringing the low-power Atom CPU and WiFi radio isn’t easy. Intel has not only punched the two in one, but has also figured out how to eliminate radio wave emissions, which may cause interference between the CPU and WiFi. The final researched chip also increases the power efficiency.

Currently the chip is in research stage. By year 2015 it is believed to be invading the laptops.

Intel goes a step further. It is also trying to place radio antennas into it. Need to wait to hear more from Intel.

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