What Is ChromePlus?

by Maverick on September 20, 2011

From time to time, users have been using various browsers to get the internet services. Initially, Internet explorer have been used by many people for accessing the internet, but these days many other browsers have been developed and ChromePlus is one of them. Currently, this browser is being used by several users as it is really convenient and easy to use as well. Day by day the developers are bringing advancement in this web browser. As going through the reviews, if they find any shortcoming they try to fix the issue and thus as a result they introduce all new versions to the ChromePlus users. Recently, the developers have brought ChromPlus version for chrome lovers.

ChromePlus What Is ChromePlus?

Description of ChromePlus

The current version ChromePlus is having all the functions which Google Chrome provides. But there are some add on functions as well and these functions make it different and more enhancing than Google Chrome. The features include Mouse gesture, IE tab, and Super drag and so on. The application is all free and having no limitation for using functions, thus one can use it for chatting over the internet in every way.

Supportive Features:

This application is packed with various marvelous features and these features are the main thing which makes it a unique and best application ever. Though, Google Chrome is also a great one, but it doesn’t provide the entire feature which one can get from ChromePlus Following are the main features that are developed in this application.

  • Mouse Gesture : – The ChromePlus provides users to apply useful commands by using simple mouse gesture. And a good mouse gesture can help user in saving their expensive time and it has really fun as well.
  • Usage Of Double Click Tab : – In this browser, users don’t need to go on x button to close any open tab. Users can close the page only by double clicking over anywhere in the area.
  • Super Drag Option : – In ChromePlus users can adjust a link anywhere in the page by using left click and drop the link any desired location in the page. This also can open a new tab for the link.

Get ChromePlus from Brothersoft.

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