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Ways To Find Entertainment Online

by guestauthor on August 5, 2011

People spend thousands of dollars on gaming counsels such as X-Box, Wii, PlayStation, and so on. Then they have to buy the million and one games that go with it, all costing one pretty penny. What most people may not realize is that they have a perfectly good gaming counsel right in their living room- the internet. There is a variety of games online that can be just as entertaining as Halo.

Entertainment Online Ways To Find Entertainment Online

Entertainment Online

World of Warcraft

For just $15 a month, you have access to the most popular and extremely addictive game of all time. World of Warcraft (also known as Wow) is a fantasy-based game set in the middle ages. Once in, you are offered to choose two sides, the Alliance, or Horde. This role playing game allows players to interact with online gamers and meet new people through the internet. Keep in mind that this game does require you to set a certain time to play it. It can interfere with your social and work life.


This rare jewel game can be purchased online or played for free. To play, click two jewels and they will move if one of the jewels matches two other jewels that are nearby. If you get four or five jewels in a row, the more points you will receive. Play this game with friends to see who can get the highest score.

Facebook Games

Facebook is becoming more common as the word spreads. A variety of games are now available on Facebook. Some of the more popular ones are Farmville, Supercity, Mafia Wars, and Dawn of Dragons. Facebook games also have the social aspect in it as well. Games like Happy Aquarium allow players to decorate their own aquarium and visit their friend’s aquariums. There is even a ‘message in a bottle’ feature giving players a unique way to communicate with others.

There are plenty of online games for children of all ages to play. Some of the more popular ones are adopt a pet, although they tend to cost money. However some children find it worth the effort when they are able to dress, groom, and play with their pet online. This is a fun way for kids to experience the joys of having a pet when one can’t be obtained due to housing contrasts or allergies.

There are plenty of other online animal games. Some of them are Pet dress up, Pet feting, net pet, cute teddy bear, and pet shop. All of these games are fun, innocent, and easy to play.

Exploring the internet for new things to do can be fun and entertaining. You can interact with friends from across the globe, and try new things. It can also be cheaper than going to the store and buying the latest Wii game.

Caution: While fiddling online can be entertaining and fun, it can never replace spending time with family and friends. Don’t get so caught up in the latest thing online that you miss out on things in the real world.

Author Bio: Breanna Trost writes for My Colleges and Careers is a site that assists people as they begin their online education and find which online classes they can choose from to start their career.

How do you find entertainment online? Do share your tips with us, via the comments section.

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