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Viruses mostly sent in e-mails early morning: Research

by T2D Staff on February 10, 2012

Do you check your e-mails while you grab a cup of coffee at 8 in the morning? Just have coffee then as research firm Trustwave says most of the viruses are sent between 8 and 9 EST in the morning.

trustwave research 165x300 Viruses mostly sent in e mails early morning: Research

According to the report released by the firm this week, virus shots have increased in the early hours as people mostly check their e-mails in the morning during the coffee period.

Trustwave collected real-world data last year from over 300 incident response in eighteen countries and had analyzed about 16 billion e-mails between 2008 and 2011. The final report released this week is a compilation of the data collected and analysis made so far.

The research firm mentions that viruses were mostly sent in August that reached a peak in September. It also adds that global businesses have weak passwords. The finding says the most common password used is “Password1″.

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