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Using Electronic Digital Signage To Boost Your Business

by guestauthor on May 17, 2011

The recession is, as expected, proving to be a very difficult time for businesses everywhere – small and large. It’s for this reason that most companies are constantly looking for cost-effective and reliable ways to boost their business – and one such way is through the use of electronic digital signage.

Electronic Digital Signage Using Electronic Digital Signage To Boost Your Business

Electronic digital signage is essentially an advertising screen that is set up to show a loop of targeted advertisements. They can be used in any number of locations, but are particularly endorsed by the retail sector. The signage is fantastic as a way to promote sales, provide production information and increase brand loyalty.

The use of electronic digital signage is highly favorable over similar advertising modes such as the poster for a number of reasons. Firstly it is cheaper than posters since once the initial outlay is covered (the purchase of the screen itself) then the only costs are in the designing of the advertisements (a cost that is unavoidable with posters also).

This mode of advertising also allows for numerous adverts to be displayed in the same location, as opposed to one cemented advert. This means that electronic digital signage is highly suited to placement where customers may stay in a fixed location for a lengthy amount of time; such as the queue, or inside a pub or bar. When standing in a queue the customer will be looking for any form of entertainment, and the digital signs will provide this. They will then be able to view a number of different advertisements for the store or its products, which will have a significantly larger impact than if they were to view a selection of rigid posters. Displaying advertisements for an upcoming sale is highly advisable since it will encourage the customer to return on another date. The signage is also fantastic for informing people drinking in a bar of certain promotions. For example, if a bar has an overstock of a particular drink, they can discount the product, and then inform customers of this discount in a clear and concise way using the digital signage.

However, electronic digital signage is highly adaptable, and can be used as more than just an advertising source. For example, they are highly visible in locations such as theme parks, where they are used to display ride wait times. The benefit of this is that it decreases customer frustration, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. This means that the customer is more likely to return to the park (or whatever location the sign may be placed at) on another occasion, and may also encourage others to visit as well. This in turn increases the overall business revenue.

The system can also be employed in other locations where keeping customers informed is integral in keeping customers satisfied.  This could be a theater, airport or train station. The benefit of this is that the signage can be used in two ways. It can be utilized to articulate to customers details of when a flight or train is due to arrive, or when visitors to a theater are able to take their seats. This improves customer satisfaction since when customers are kept informed of events they are happier and more relaxed. However intermittently the screens can also display advertisements, therefore taking advantage of the fact that while customers are regularly checking the screen for information they will also be viewing the targeted advertisements.

It is clear that electronic digital signage is very valuable to any business that is seeking new and better ways to advertise, particularly at a low cost. However it is also a fantastic way to keep customers informed about important information so should not be disregarded as a method of improving customer relations also.

Author Bio: This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Tensator. Amy writes on a variety of topics including methods of boosting a company’s profits such as electronic digital signage.

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Ankit May 17, 2011 at 11:10 am

The digital singnage idea looks pretty cool and affordable too, but if it is, then why don’t we see much?…I agree they could be found in themed parks and all, buttt? We can still see most of the guys are stuck to normal posters..even some big brands. Take the Aircel advert for an example..

Gourav Jain May 24, 2011 at 12:49 pm

It will be there within our country too, we just need to wait for the entry of some Big players in the market. reliance is already in with the introduction of Reliance Big Streets. hope we can have some more companies and then, digital signage will replace the large hoardings and will maintain low cost advertisement.

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