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Top Alternatives To Kindle Fire

by Maverick on October 2, 2011

The glory of some of the tablets in the market will be stolen following the entrance of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, not including Apple’s iPad of course. Amazon and Kindle are trusted names which is exactly what other tablet computers lack. Still, let me point out top alternatives to Kindle Fire in this article.

Top Alternatives To Kindle Fire Top Alternatives To Kindle Fire

Asus Transformer:

This is the best alternative to Kindle Fire. This low cost tablet was in high demand but with limited supply. Asus under-manufactured the tablet by underestimating its demand.

Asus Transformer is one of the top Android 3.x tablets in the market with its slender frame and stunning IPS screen along with tons of ports. Though it has very few first and third party accessories, but it has got a vibrant developer community. This tablet is a good bet to taste-test Honeycmb and it can also run all the Android apps of Amazon. Even it can run Kindle reader.

Buy Asus Transformer

BlackBerry Playbook:

The BlackBerry Playbook is simply for them who are diehard BlackBerry addict. It is in fact tough to fall in love with Playbook. Anyways, the tablet has a smooth OS and I must say it has got a great screen too. I personally found the calendaring apps and email didn’t work right for me due to its wonky syncing system. So, I must say Playbook to be a good device for just BlackBerry users.

It is learned that BlackBerry will be selling it with price cut offer soon, but ahead of it many retailers such as Best Buy, Office Depot and Staples are selling it at discount price.

Buy BlackBerry Playbook

Dell Streak 7:

The old man here. Dell Streak 7 is one of the oldest tablets. Powered by Android 2., it is a good small-ish option for Android fanboy in the tablet computer market. The tablet is too compact and is highly customizable. It works perfect with almost all the Android apps that also includes the Kindle app. It is priced just $250, and probably can be held even for less that this at some retailers.

Rumors are there that Dell Streak 7 will get an official Honeycomb update soon. If not, you can also install it.

Buy Dell Streak 7

Archos 80 G9:

Archos 80 G9 is slender with dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex CPU. Priced at $299, this tablet comes with 8-inch screen and the internal storage is of 8GB. Though Archos 80 G9 looks great in paper, but it is not so much pleasant in real.

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Nook Color:

Nook Color is one of the cheapest tablet computer in the market. Almost every version of Android have been hacked onto it. The results are of course a mixed one with so much of hacking done by Modders. There are almost endless supply of Nook Color mods, hacks and other tomfoolery. Well, you can also use the stock OS in it which features email, apps, and a fully functional web browser. Kindle app can also be installed on it, which turns it to be an ultimate ereading machine. It was a hit when launched at half the price of iPad.

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Velocity Micro Cruz T408:

Android 2.3 based Velocity Micro Cruz T408 is a 8-inch screen tablet with 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU and 512 MB RAM. It has a front facing camera and is priced just $239.99.

Though it cannot be considered as an iPad killer, but can be a good alternative to Kindle Fire and some other low cost tablets.

Buy Velocity Micro Cruz T408

Did I say these are the alternatives of Kindle Fire? Yes, it is surely, if you think so according to your compatibility, and also if you want some more fun on non-iPad tablet. One thing to wish at last, let’s not hope the success of Fire influence the future innovation in the tablet computer and leave us dumbed-down in the mobile operating systems.

Do comment below in the given space which alternative you think is the best to Kindle Fire, if not to the iPad.

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