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Tips To Convert Your Blog Into An iTunes Podcast

by Maverick on October 3, 2011

Bloggers get more options and freedom to incorporate their blogs to several devices and platforms in this high end technology era. In this article we will talk about how you can convert your blog into a podcast through iTunes platform, and that too how to do it for absolutely free.

Converting Blog To Podcast on iTunes Tips To Convert Your Blog Into An iTunes Podcast

The text content of your blog is enhanced to speech capabilities with the support of Odiogo tool. It will help the iTunes listeners to listen your blog post on iPod, iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

This new technology of converting blog post to speech on iTunes has been welcomed by several sections of the society who basically find difficulties in reading your blog posts properly. It is learned that the Odiogo tools will be benefiting the visually impaired and dyslexic persons the more.

The best thing for bloggers is that this converting feature can be applied to all the blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla, Terapad and Typepad. To get started, just follow the below simple steps:

How To Convert Your Blog Into A Podcast On iTunes For Free

1) First thing to do is to join Odiogo. After joining you will be asked to submit your blog URL and its admin email id. After the submission is done, an email will be sent to the admin with Feed ID.

2) Doing the above, you will get a download link the player to enable the speech output. Download the player.

3) After downloading is done, upload the player on the web server by using FTP. The path is (for WordPress):


4) Next, you need to login to your WP account and click on the plugins links that is available on the sidebar. There you need to select Odiogo Listen Button plugin.

5) After it has been done, click on menu settings. Then on Odiogo Listen button.

6) You will prompted here to enter the Feed ID. Check your admin email account to get the Feed ID, enter in the given field and then click on Save button.

7) Next, click on Presentation menu to again click on Widgets. Here you need to drag the subscription button of the tool and drop it on the sidebar of your WP dashboard. The subscription button can be found at the Available Widgets list.

Now you are done. Click on Save Changes button.

The blog will take couple of minutes to activate the changes and to acknowledge you with it. Now you can listen to your blog posts on any iDevices through iTunes. The process is almost same for all the blogging platforms.

Liked it? Liked the concept of next level of blogging? Do comment below what else you can do with your blogs to reach more and more readers. Do share your own ways of doing so to your fellow readers. Let us know what else we can write for bloggers while guiding to take advantage of technology in blogging.

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