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Tips for DIY Logo Design

by Vick Smith on July 20, 2012

For anyone wanting to branch out and design a logo for themselves, it is usually recommended that they have some solid design experience.  However, even if you don’t, a fantastic-looking logo can still be achieved by taking the right steps.  Here are some tips to ensure that your logo ends up turning out as great as you wanted it to.

Choose the Software

When first designing a logo, it is important that it looks both clean and professional. To achieve this, don’t go off using a free program like Paint or downloading a random piece of free graphics software—it is almost guaranteed that the design will look extremely cheap and horrible. When creating high-quality designs it’s best to use a program like Photoshop, which is what professionals often use for company logos and business cards.

Another type of software for users to be cautious of is an online logo maker.  These will just create cookie cutter designs that all look like each other.  After all, you want your design to be original, right?


Now that you have the right software, let’s go over some guidelines to ensure that you create a great logo.  Firstly, make sure that your logo is both unique and relevant to what you are trying to express.  To stand out from the crowd, you should aim to design a logo that looks like nothing else out there.  To be sure you don’t copy someone, it is best not to go browsing Google Images for design inspiration.  Start from scratch and work from there.  This allows for a more personalized and creative logo.

It is also important to keep in mind the colors of your logo.  While this may sound obvious, colors play a major role in psychology.  For example, McDonald’s incorporates red into their color scheme because red is known to cause an increase in appetite. However, it’s best to only use up to four different colors. Even that seems like a lot to use, but if you can make it work, by all means use them.  Google’s logo, for example, uses four different colors and is well-pleasing to the eyes.

Although many will be tempted to utilize 3D drawings in their logo, it’s best to go with something clean, crisp, and sleek.  This is why vector-based design is the best.  Vector-based logos provide a minimal color scheme with striking features of balance and contrast. Once you’ve made progress, it’s always a good idea to save your work with SD cards or on a backup drive just in case.


You need to use clean and readable fonts than can be read at multiple screen resolutions in multiple sizes.  Don’t choose some cartoony font unless that is what your business caters to.  Use something unique that is legible and professional.  Fonts like Curlz MT and Comic Sans are big no-no’s.

Font size also plays a role in versatility.  Your logo should look great whether it is printed on a giant billboard or a pair of socks.  If it is shrunk down, the font should still be readable.  It should also readable if printed in black and white.

Reach Your Target Audience

Sure if you’re running a comic books website, you can make something a little less professional looking than a logo on a lawyer’s website, but no matter what, it needs to reflect what you are trying to showcase within your business.  Most importantly, you should strive to create a logo that is easily recognized and remembered.  Think of companies like Nike, BMW or McDonald’s. Everyone recognizes their logos without even adding text to them.

Utilize all of these tips and you can design a fantastic-looking logo on your own without having to pay the expensive costs of hiring a designer.

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