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Three Alternatives To Instagram For Android Users

by guestauthor on November 13, 2011

In my time as an Android user, one of the most talked about things has been neglect for the App Market. Developers have a preference to release applications for iPhone’s iOS format before even considering developing the Android equivalent. Yes, the iPhone market is older and some apps appeared long before the Android Market existed, but the wait for award winning games such as Angry Birds and Cut The Rope far longer than it should have been.

The latest app that seems to have Android lovers everywhere pulling their hair out (myself included) is Instagram. If you’re not familiar, Instagram is a photo application that uses lens filters and effects to give your pictures an aged, vintage feel, and has picked up over 10 million registered users in just over a year of existence. Although there are many other apps out there such as Hipstermatic which have been around longer, Instagram has blown all competition out the water by introducing its own social network to upload, share and appreciate each other’s phone photography.

Instagram Alternatives For Android Three Alternatives To Instagram For Android Users

An Instagram release to the Android market was announced in the middle of this year but when it will hit the market is anyone’s guess. Until then, here are some alternatives to fill your photo fun needs.


(Average rating: 3.4 from 1,624 users)

Perhaps making the biggest waves in the world of phone apps at present is a new Flickr effort developed by Yahoo! exclusively for Android. As one of the leading photography sharing sites online at present, Flickr’s lack of domination in the iOS world has led them to a sneaky business move; beating Instagram by releasing their own version of the app to Android first.

Not only is this great for winning over Android fans and giving us a rare chance to be smug to the iPhone crowd, but it gives them a head start in the download figures. Granted it may not be the specific name we’ve been pining for, but it still serves the same function. It also has its own social network so you can sync up your Google account and share with many other networks and blogging accounts.

Lightbox – Camera and Gallery:

(Average rating: 4.1 from 3,737 users)

Lightbox has been around a little bit longer than the Flickr app, and serves a similar purpose in filling the Instagram gap in the Android Market. One stand out feature for this app is the ability to import photos from news sources and your other social network feeds into a separate timeline.

Vignette Demo:

(Average rating: 4.4 from 6,910 users)

Although there is a paid version of this app available, the free demo is more than capable in holding its own with other advanced camera apps. Although it lacks the exclusive sharing network and import feed Instagram thrives on and the above two have tried to recreate, it still allows you to use the basic camera functions to upload photos to social networks with ease, and include any captions or location data you wish.

However the one thing that gives Vignette its edge is the selection of adjustments you can make to a photo. Each effect is explained briefly in the selection menu and compared to photography styles, as well as allowing you to add frames if you want that aged feel or instant Polaroid look. With over 50 frames and 80 filters to choose from, it would take an eternity to get bored of the possible combinations.

Although the Instagram app will be an instant hit as soon as it lands on the Android Market regardless of what’s already out there, any of the above will be enough to hold you over and even more while you wait. And you never know, by the time it does pop up on our devices, you might decide you’ve already found your perfect app for capturing the moment…

Gary Dean is a Photographer by trade, but believes fun technological phone advances can bring the mini photographer out in anyone. Gary also runs a photo printing website to help people get the best printing deals.

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