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The Journey To 4G Technology And It’s Impact

by guestauthor on May 9, 2011

Let’s take a look at, how simple mobile phones are upgraded to complex iPhones, putting the communication world into a different level of experience. More people now sell mobile phone for cash to buy an iPhone as they want to take advantage of the improved connectivity.

4G Technology The Journey To 4G Technology And Its Impact

It started all the way back when 1G mobile phone with the POD- analog system came into existence, with which people were able to communicate via wireless connection for the first time. It was to be followed by a 2G technology with faster analog system for the mobile phone users. Its complex digital signal feature offered to transfer larger packets of data via text messages. The phones with 3G technology were next to come and its expanded digital signal allowed the users to connect to internet and download all the required information with a much higher speed, though not enough for video chatting or HD video streaming. Hence it led to the arrival of the 4th G, the latest one featuring faster speed and unlimited connectivity options.

The development of 4G is still continuing, but in reality, the latest iPhones with 4G technology has already began to influence our daily lifestyle. It is gradually scraping the use of books, newspapers and even TV. Well, these changes happened since the 4G technology entered our lives. There is so much to do with an iPhone that 24 hours a day fall short for it. You will probably not be able to remember the last time you played a CD of your favourite artiste in your Hi-Fi music system. All you need to do is just download your favourite songs from app stores and play it on your iPhone. It was beyond our imagination that someday people travelling across the world would be 24 hours online on Facebook, checking messages through their handsets without any stress. This is soon to happen in the nearest future as promised by 4G mobile phone plans. iPhone users would be able to remain connected to Internet from any location on the Earth with the help of 4G towers.

Until 4G reveals its full potential, let’s take pleasure of high speed internet connection irrespective of the location and this time no more jammed networks! Mobile phone recycling companies too will have a great job ahead as there will be acceleration in the process of selling existing mobile phones making all the way for iPhones.

Author Bio: Jaymonds is a professional blogger. He completed his graduation in English and later pursued a computer programming course. He is a new technology junkie who loves to write on how to Mobile Phone Recycling, technology, and gadgets.

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