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Ten Things Steve Jobs Will Always Be Remembered For

by Maverick on October 9, 2011

The worse possible reality of the human life has just darken our era by taking away the person who not too long ago founded one of the most impressive technological wonders: Apple Inc. It is such a pity that we have to use the past tense when we are going to talk again about this brilliant mind, isn’t it?

As you already know, Steven Paul Jobs, also known as Steve Jobs, is not around anymore. And no matter whether we are his fans or not, we definitely feel sorry that the mankind has lost such a valuable person. However, he did left some impressive works that can easily guide our steps towards some truly incredible technological developments. Some of the most important works that Steve Jobs will always be remembered for are:

1. Founding Apple: The very first thing that many people know about Steve Jobs is the fact that together with Ronal Wayne and Steve Wozniac, he founded Apple back in 1976. The company has extended rapidly, until it became a technological giant. And a truly fantastic thing is the fact that over the years, Steve Jobs has succeeded to transform this technological giant into an important cultural force, which has a word to say in different niches.

2. The First iPod: Steve Jobs has helped Apple to develop numerous great products. The first iPod is one of the greatest products, which assisted the mankind to reach a whole new level of the digital era. Actually, many Apple’s products have helped users to define their demands within this field. Thus, the iPod music player has literally put the music into everyone’s pocket. This gadget became the best worldwide seller in only a few weeks.

3. Steve Jobs and U2: The year 2006 accommodated the launch of iPod Nano, which came along with a double capacity when compared to the previous iPod version. This device was sold in order to support an AIDS campaign in Africa initiated by U2.

4. iTunes Music: When many people used to illegally download music from the Internet, Steve Jobs struck numerous deals and finally introduced the newmusic store, iTunes. Since then, this virtual store has allowed people to download any songs they might want for a fair price.

5. The New Phones – iPhones: The phone history highlights a few categories, which include mobile phones, cell phones, and Smartphones. However, when Apple launched the new iPhone in 2007, it was considered the coolest device of those times. With its touchscreen capabilities, online store connections and built-in applications, the new Apple phone was a truly new high-tech wonder.

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6. Reinventing Macs: The great innovations that Apple has introduced on the market over the years have helped the developer to improve its machines, including its Macs. One of the latest models is the MacBook Pro, which brings along some truly innovative features and a beautiful, sleek design.

7. iPad: Under Steve Jobs’ leadership, the first iPad tablet was introduced in 2010. Many users have been waiting for a digital-media device for many years. And finally, Apple has offered them the digital wonder which was ready to bring along TV shows, movies, music, videos and many more.

8. Apple and the iCloud: The very first iCloud applications include Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Backup, Documents, Books, Apps, Photo Stream and iTues. All these are finally able to match the demands of any high-tech geek.

9. The Story of Apple Store: Over the years, Steve Jobs has helped Apple to develop a truly great sales network. Obviously, this network is formed from numerous Apple’s stores, which exist all over the world. The sales teams that operate behind this great name do not only sell different Apple’s products but are also reinventing new methods of selling the products that belong to this company.

10. The Letter: Even though this thing does not relate to a happy or innovative moment, everyone is going to remember the resignation letter that Steve Jobs has sent to Apple a few months back. “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come,” said Steve Jobs.

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Olawale Daniel October 10, 2011 at 12:41 am

R.I.P steve paul jobs. He is a man of the people. The person who made almost everything possible. Thanks for sharing this :)

Gourav Jain October 11, 2011 at 11:48 am

Yeas … We will remember him through out our life for his contributions and inventing the iGeneration of gadgets and technology.

He will always be a source of inspiration to us.

alber @ english as a second language October 18, 2011 at 8:30 am

Such a loss. I had no idea that he contributed any sales to an aids charity. May he rest in peace.

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