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Technology In Our Daily Life

by guestauthor on September 9, 2011

There is a new wave of technology that has overlapped into modern lives beyond the scope of our ordinary imaginations. There are things that we use every day  with natural inclination and yet do not realize the huge difference the same has created in making life uncomplicated and self sufficient for all of us.  There are several tech devices people all over the world use within a span of 24 hours or in a single day.

Technology In Daily Life Technology In Our Daily Life

Starting from the first break of light there is a refreshing cup of coffee that helps you to unwind from that 8 hour span of daily rest. And to ensure this cup brings you that refreshing aroma packed beverage in exactly the way you want it there is a coffee making machine available. These are capable of making different recipes with coffee and within no time at all.

Then comes your time to get ready for work; imagine a life without the hair dryer or your electric shaver especially when you are running out of time. There is the electric juicer and the toaster or the microwave oven that all gets together to make you the first most important meal of the day – a complete breakfast. This too is ready within a very short span of time thanks to all these small time innovations of modern technology.

Your clothes are ready to be worn – washed and dried by the washing machine and the drier that were programmed to do their work while you were out; and they automatically switched off their power supplies when they were done. Incredible isn’t it? Later these clothes were smoothened out with the help of powerful pressing by the electric iron. You are ready and confident to go out, look your best, and be successful in your endeavors.

You have a remote operated garage door so press a device and unlock your car with the click of a button. You are inside your vehicle that will take you at lightning speed to your place of work. Don’t worry about the garage door – just use the remote device and it closes automatically. The alarm system is programmed automatically to guard your house till you come back to it. In case of any entry it is immediately registered as unauthorized and a alarm issued with notification calls to your mobile phone and 911 services for emergency help as well. All this can happen when you are not aware in the middle of your boardroom meeting.

You are returning in the evening tired and exhausted; the car has an automatic climate control technology – it adjusts the interior with the outside temperature for your comfort. There is a GPS that helps you to identify the worst hit traffic blocks of the hour and avoid such roads. You can take a detour through other avenues and reach home early; you are not in for any rude traffic surprises anymore. You are home and refreshed. There is a mobile alarm that goes off – you check and it reminds you of your friend’s anniversary dinner, your daily medicine dose and your child’s annual day at school the next day. It’s time for a good night’s rest.

As technology makes things easier for us, we need to get the best out of the latest technology too.

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Ever changing technology makes the real difference between today and tomarrow

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