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Sony’s Gaming Tablet To Hit The Market Soon

by guestauthor on September 28, 2011

Will there be a real competitor to the iPad? Maybe Sony has an answer. The Sony S1 PlayStation Tablet PC is soon to hit the market. Sony the electronics manufacturing giant has made this new device as a media and gaming Tablet packed with features. It will run on the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system which can be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sony S1 Playstation Tablet Sonys Gaming Tablet To Hit The Market Soon

Sony plans to enable the Tablet with key features having the ability to control all devices in the home. This is through the IR Blaster integrated into the device and the networking capability. It is also DNLA compatible. So it can pass media to other compatible hardware.

The Tablet which has a unique wedge shaped design feels light and comes with a 9.4 inch screen having a good 1280×768 pixel resolution. The LCD is a multi-touch capacitive screen and loaded with Sony’s Quick Touch Panel to make it more responsive (in both the S1 and S2 models). It has a built in internal antenna. At the core of the device is the NVIDIA dual core Tegra2 processor which powers the device and should deliver. It can be enhanced with an add-on wireless key-board and with a dock too.

Sony Tablet PC Sonys Gaming Tablet To Hit The Market Soon

It hosts new features like Wi-Fi facilities, WAN and USB ports to connect the thumb drives. It also comes with Sony’s pre-installed PlayStation Certified Gaming software which makes it a real entertainer that other tablet or slate makers may not be able to match. Play a game of Crash Bandicoot or other titles available on it. This Tablet PC has good internet browsing ability as it supports HTML, XHTML and Flash. It also comes with Email, Google Talk, Instant messaging and predictive text input. The browser on the tablet has an optimization add-on called Quick View. This will prioritize downloading of images before the JavaScript gets downloaded. It gives an impression of quicker page download and can be turned off to have the normal mode. Another add-on on the navigation bar is called “Favorites” which helps to view your recent or favorite content.

It has the other features like the calendar, alarm calculator and 3G. It has two cameras, one in the front with 3.0MP resolution and the other at the back with 5.0MP resolution. It has facilities for video capturing, calling, voice recording, audio and video streaming, video playback, YouTube player and MP3 player with an internal speaker. This tablet sure has all the goodies to make it a multi-functional portable device for any user interested in a versatile Android.

Sony Gaming Tablet Sonys Gaming Tablet To Hit The Market Soon

There’s a clamshell version of the device too which is the S2 model and it’s indeed an innovative approach. The screen is split into two halves, when open revealing twin displays of 5.5 inch. The display can be on one half and the controls on the other half of the touch sensitive screens. Third party apps may be an awkward fit in this device given the current catalogue of Android apps. In-house apps such as the e-book reader, media player and a demo of Crash Bandicoot utilizing for the game pad the bottom Touch screen display look fine. As there is bezel, the apps can be scaled across both screens or limited to one.

Sony is making a bold entry with this Android and that too when HP has intentions of getting out of the competitive Tablet market. Sony does have a legacy behind it for digital cameras, gaming and portable audio which can prove to be the edge. The next few months can be eventful, as the S1 has now been offered on pre-order. The Sony tablet S has the UK price starting at £399.99 for the 16GB WiFi only model or on pre-order the 3G, WiFi 16 GB version for £499.99, all due this September.

Author Bio: This post is written by Dinesh V.K., who writes Mobile Phone Reviews and related news. You may follow Dinesh @mobilephonereviews.

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