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Sony announces pre-order support on PSN

by T2D Staff on May 20, 2012

Sony is launching this week pre-order support of digital content on its PlayStation Network (PSN). The first title to facilitate pre-order on the network is Sorcery that is due out next week.

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We cross checked the FAQ of Sony’s UK PSN official website and found that users can purchase the game before the scheduled launch but will not be able to play before it. The FAQ also says that users will be charged for the purchase just two days ahead of the release of the game. This makes cancellation easy for users who changes mind before the payment is due. However, even after the payment date users can cancel and get the refund if it is before the release date of the game. Once the payment is processed and the game will be automatically downloaded into the system/machine on the expected download date. For this auto-download need to be enabled.

The pre-order titles can be checked on the PlayStation Store. The titles will have pre-order icon there.

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