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PS4 sales weakens compared to Xbox One

by T2D Staff on December 11, 2014

PlayStation 4 is no longer the leader in terms of sales in the US and UK market. Xbox One has managed to outsell it.

In the month of November Xbox One was most sold gaming console in the US and UK. The console has also enjoyed more than 357 million hours of gameplay globally.

According to data from Micrsofot, more gamers logged into Xbox Live across Xbox One and Xbox 360 than any other month in the history of Xbox.

Xbox marketing vice president Mike Nicholas said in a statement the company loves to see the excitement of fans and are also at the same time grateful to them for their passion, support and of course for their contributions to the Xbox community.

PS4 sales seakens compared to Xbox One 300x150 PS4 sales weakens compared to Xbox One

In November, to push for win, Microsoft slashed down the price of its Xbox One to $349. This created a $50 difference with PS4.

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