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MySpace launching again by 2012 end

by T2D Staff on May 24, 2012

Once the best social site, MySpace, is going to be relaunched this year end. The platform will be completely undergoing a makeover.

MySpace MySpace launching again by 2012 end

According to Rikki Webster, senior comms manager (Europe) for Specific Media, they are in talks with ad agencies for the rebranding and promotion of MySpace’s relaunched.

The social platform was the most visited social networking site between 2005 and early 2008 in global data. In June 2006 MySpace even was more visited than Google in the U.S. With the launch of Facebook scene changed completely. The user base dropped drastically after that.

Presently MySpace is not focusing totally on social media, but to connect people with artists along with their content.

It’s time to see whether MySpace gets success in pulling users from Facebook and Google+, the two most popular social networking sites now.

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