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Movavi Photo Editor for Mac Review

by Editor on April 6, 2016

If you’ve attempted to edit photos on your Mac in the past, you may very well have run into what appears to be a brick wall when confronted by complicated photo editors that require massive learning curves. Generally speaking that is the main reason why most people tend to avoid trying to edit their photos – even though they may really wish that they could do so.


Part of the reason why the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac ( has become so popular is because of that very situation. It offers people a way to ‘cut the red tape’ so to speak – allowing them to jump right in and edit their photos without spending hours or days attempting to learn how to do so.


That user-friendly approach is at the center of the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac and its entire design is based around it. From its accessible user interface to the simple and intuitive controls that it uses, the software itself is engineered so that even beginners with no prior experience will have no problem putting it to good use.


Providing Professional Features to Beginners


In addition to being easy to use in general, the main draw that has put the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac in the position that it is in is the fact that it brings numerous professional features to the table. Although most people expect ‘simple’ and ‘user-friendly’ software to be simplified in terms of features too – the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac goes out of its way to ensure that its features are complete and powerful.


Some of the more prominent features of the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac include the capability to:


  • Improve the quality of photos either manually or automatically and correct common problems such as blurry and out of focus or pixelated images.
  • Apply artistic filters such as oil painting, sepia, black and white, and acid to alter the visual style and appearance of the photos.
  • Transform the frame and orientation of the photo by rotating, flipping, cropping, resizing or leveling it.
  • Replace the background with something completely new and different.
  • Remove any unwanted objects or elements that may be in the way from the photo without leaving behind any traces or imperfections.
  • Add customizable text to create unique titles, captions, or watermarks.


Even though these features are just the tip of the iceberg, you should be starting to develop a decent idea of just how powerful the Movavi Photo Editor for Mac truly is. Suffice to say it will allow you to emulate professionals when you next edit your photos, and really improve them in numerous ways so that they look perfect by the time you’re done.

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