Laptop vs Netbook vs Tablets

Laptop vs Netbook vs Tablets: What’s the difference among them?

by Maverick on September 14, 2011

Laptops, Netbook and Tablets create great misconceptions. People really become puzzled while selecting the best option for them. To help all, we decided to create a post explaining and differentiating Laptops, Netbook and Tablets from each other. The whole post is as below :

The Laptop/Notebook

Desktops are obviously not itinerant. The desktop users are resistant to take them to their relevant destinations as it will make them an emblem of absurdity. The immobility of desktops and with the increase in demands of laptops and net books have decreased the price levels of desktop and they have get restricted in use as a family computer.

laptop Laptop vs Netbook vs Tablets: Whats the difference among them?

Laptops or notebooks are pleasant to drag around to class or workplaces It’s the most extensively renowned and implicit mobile computing appliance accessible. Wireless is quite trouble-free to come by. Notebooks are only the tilt of the mobile computing iceberg, and the market is quite confusing for anyone who’s looking for a moveable PC. In addition to the entire special notebook form the positives like desktop substitution, ultra-portable and easy to deal with. There’s the gradually more admired netbook group to mull over. And as if that doesn’t seem sufficient, one can think about tablets and the new smartbook types too other way around.

The Netbook

psion netbook pro i1 Laptop vs Netbook vs Tablets: Whats the difference among them?
Netbooks have created a entire pioneering product grouping that took the technological trend by storm. Netbooks are good at web surfing and emailing stuff but multi-tasking and spark can be excruciating. Netbooks are also good for taking note and word dispensation. Newer dual core netbooks are anticipated to recover the consumer practice.

The Tablet

tablet pc wallpaper Laptop vs Netbook vs Tablets: Whats the difference among them?
New tablets like the iPad, Android Tablet, BlackBerry Playbook, and Samsung Galaxy Tab are swift and approachable. Tablets are very adaptable and talented invention. They can be employed for web browsing, music/video playback, e-book reading, digital picture framing, and much more. They are extremely moveable and suggest an easier, supple to surf the internet, play games, read books, use mobile apps, and consume movies, video, and music.

Tablets recommend an easy-to-use touch interface and, thanks to the affluent computing milieu conveyed by iPad and Android-based campaigns, they could become the one computing tool that people need a lot of portability and who like to own a fast and amenable widget which could be activated simply with a touch.

In all truthfulness though, a tablet device does have evident restrictions. One cannot opt to write an extensive document like one can on a notebook, or even a netbook, since it does not have keypad.


A laptop can be an enormous desktop alternate. Laptops are influential and competent. Buy a laptop if you actually need to reinstate your old computer and use it as a core. Laptops can be reasonably transferable. Laptops are good for gaming and media editing. A netbook is a great second computer to accolade your existing main computer. Netbooks are very handy but not as proficient or dominant as laptops. Netbooks are ideal for browsing the web, trivial gaming, and word processing. Tablets are just as or even additional portable than netbooks. Tablets computers are wonderful for media spending. They’re ideal for music, watching videos, playing interactive games, e-book reading and browsing the web. So decision lies in your perception of viewing them as a solution of whatever use you are seeking from them.

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Justin Germino September 14, 2011 at 3:49 am

Tablets are also incredible gaming devices being more user friendly than laptops/netbooks for gaming. They will supplant separate gaming consoles at some point or there will be a merge of devices “phone / game console / tablet” may merge into the same device at some point in the future.

I found that on the road in Europe for 12 days, the iPad 2 filled the job replacing a notebook for me very well, with a wireless bluetooth keyboard I was able to blog, read sites and do anything online with email.

The battery life is also exceptional compared to a standard laptop/notebook in most cases.

Gourav Jain September 15, 2011 at 2:47 pm

Well said Justin. I came across Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a month back and I found that what you said is all true. In today’s world, a tablet alone can meet all our needs and be more user friendly and convenient than the regular laptops and netbook.

Noble September 14, 2011 at 11:38 pm

How can i get it
here in Nigeria?

Gourav Jain September 15, 2011 at 2:43 pm

You can purchase any of the devices online through Amazon, Ebay etc if they are not available in local market. And if, Amazon and Ebay don’t deal in your area, then please let us know. Maybe we can help you in that case.

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