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iPhone 5 leaked images suggest no LED flash

by T2D Staff on May 24, 2012

After uncountable numbers of rumors and leaked news about iPhone 5, now come leaked parts of the iDevice of Apple.

iphone 5 leaked image 300x240 iPhone 5 leaked images suggest no LED flash

MacRumors published pictures of the leaked parts saying iPhone 5 will not be having LED flash. The website published images that reveal front and rear-facing cameras and also a home button flex cable.

Well, we can bet that Apple will surely include the LED flash, and that is of course to be very different from that of iPhone 4S. About the megapixel count of the camera we are not pretty sure, but it is guessed to have 8MP shooter.

Apart from this latest image leak of iPhone 5, tech blogs and websites also claims the next-generation iDevice to have 4-inch display. However, this size contradicts with the news published on 9to5Mac that says Apple’s iPhone 5 to have a display of 3.95-inch.

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