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How To Turn Off Accelerometer Of iPhone’s

by Maverick on March 9, 2011

Are you irritated or annoyed with the accelerometer part of your iPhone? Do you want to experience iPhone without accelerometer? Is the accelerometer becoming a problem while you reading something laying in bed? If yes, here is the way how to turn off the accelerometer of your iPhone.

iPhone Accelerometer Hack Turn Off How To Turn Off Accelerometer Of iPhones

First thing you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone. After doing this, go to Cydia and search for Boss Prefs there. You need to install the Boss Prefs next. Once this is done, go to Cydia again and now search for Rotation Inhibitor. Install this too on your iPhone. The feature is now done on the device. For toggling rotation off and on you need to simply open up the Boss Prefs. There you can see a Rotation option. It is so simple.

Well, the feature seems cool for all those who wants to stop getting distracted by the mode change of the screen from landscape to portrait and vice versa, and need to put extra effort to keep the handset safe from flipping. But, there are two basic problems also after you use this hack. The application locks the screen in portrait mode and you can’t get landscape mode anyway. Moreover, this hacked app will also crash springboard on iPhone 3GS.

Share your knowledge below of more ways about how to turn off accelerometer of the iPhone.

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