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Google Nexus S Review: Best Android Device

by Maverick on December 14, 2010

Instead of Nexus Two, Google came up with Nexus S, may be a copy of iPhone 3G ‘S’ which is also used by Samsung as Galaxy S. The ‘S’ seems to stand for Speed in the iPhone 3G ‘S’.

Google Nexus S Android Device Google Nexus S Review: Best Android Device

In the first test of Nexus S, it looked like an update of Galaxy S, but only a name tagged that it has become the next phone from Google. Also, Nexus S is privileged of becoming the first phone to have come with Android 2.3, aka Gingerbread.

If we talk about the changes in it, those are fairly minimal. Inclusion of NFC (Near Field Communications) reader is the only major hardware change. Other changes are inclusion of 3-axis gyroscope that gives better control of the future games, LED flash.

The screen of Nexus S remains same 4-inch Super AM-OLED display, but the front is little curved inwards naming it ‘Contour Display‘. The pixel density and color reproduction of this new phone is no better than the iPhone 4. Well, the screen seems excellent though, especially when it is turned to full brightness. The solid blacks is achieved in it as it has OLED display technology.

The virtual keyboard on Nexus S has been improved. Secondary characters enter is now easily possible like holding down q and enter 1, or holding the full stop for a comma. Third-party keyboard can also be added to it according to preference.

It has 1GB internal memory and 16GB external memory, but there is no means to expand the storage space. There is no memory card slot and the external memory is not removable.

The camera interface has also been improved. Now it has a separate menu for flash, focus mode, geolocation settings etc. It supports the secondary camera, VGA as front-facing. The 5-megapixel back-facing camera gets the sensor benefits for getting a flash, but still it takes disappointing pictures such as taking noisy and frankly pics. Moreover, the video is only limited to 720×480 pixels.

Nexus S does not support 3G video calling, but it does have support for VoIP. The front-facing camera does has a third party apps support.

However, with such cons, Nexus S accounts for blistering performance and it is indeed the best Android phone so far.

Do you think Nexus S is the best Android Device out there? Do share your views and opinions with us, here in the comments section.

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