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Google Activates 550,000 Android Devices Daily

by Maverick on July 15, 2011

Google has gained enormous fame as they have delighted investors with remarkable revenues that have blustered just over $9 billion this past quarter. They also exposed some enthralling numbers on the pace of espousal for their new Google+ social podium that previously has 10 million users after breaching its doors for just two weeks. Google has attracted the prospects of more favorable statistics for the company’s Android proposals. The renewal and upgrading of android devices and application have gained the extraordinary name for Google.

Google Android Google Activates 550,000 Android Devices Daily

During the revenue generating call, the declaration of exaggerating revenues by Google CEO Larry proclaims that they have destined release of 550,000 Android devices each day. The founder of android has claimed that the release of Google in android ranges has par up to 400,000 that is unquestionably a huge success for Google.

The number of Android apps has also seen incredible expansion. The senior analyst of Google Susan Wojcicki has publicized during the that the Android Market has now paced the market share of more than 250,000 apps with over 6 billion downloads that is a wonderful returns of efforts the number of launches have raised doubly in such a short span of time ranging from last October up till present.

This unanimous increase in android devices and applications with rapid pace of Google success will for sure earn a distinction for Google that is already enjoying the successes. Kudos to Google on achieving such a remarkable position in technological stadium. This nonstop stream of inventions and new launches have elated the technological world with curiosities of what they would be doing to save some shelf for their future prospects.

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