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Google Acquires Mobile App Producer Startup Jetpac

by T2D Staff on August 17, 2014

Google on Friday acquired mobile app producer Jetpac for an undisclosed sum of money.

Jetpac is a San Francisco-based startup and it designs city travel guides and capable of algorithmically searching with the help of Instagram photos collection of user. It has database of more than 6,000 cities from across the world with standard contact and location data as well.

The company is also known for deep learning technology work and this may be the main reason for search engine giant to acquire it.

The announcement has not yet been officially made by Google. It came from the website of Jetpac. It thank all relevant parties for the support and interest in the app.

Google Acquires Mobile App Producer Startup Jetpac 300x202 Google Acquires Mobile App Producer Startup Jetpac

Jetpac co-founder and CTO, Pete Warden, too confirmed the acquisition with a tweet.

In the first half of this fiscal year Google has spent more than $4 billion in acquiring different smaller companies.

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