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Going Mobile – 5 Apps To Print On The Go

by cindy on April 24, 2012

Remember the days of dot matrix printers? You’d type something up and then wait an age as the clunky printer whirred into action. Eventually you’d end up with a grainy and poor quality print out. As for printing out images and photos – you could forget all about that.

Thankfully, printer technology has come a long way in the last two decades. Today’s wireless printers and mobile printing apps mean you can more or less print anything from anywhere and at a much higher quality. Here are five of the most innovative mobile printing apps:

1. Kodak Pic Flick

This allows you to print and share images using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Simply download the app and install it to the relevant device before selecting a printer, picking your image and the size you want, and watching it print.

2. Google Cloud Print

Another great innovation that allows you to connect all your printers to the web, Google Cloud Print allows you to print pictures over the internet using mobiles and other devices. The web connectivity also means you can make all your pictures available not just to you, but to anyone else you choose.

3. ePrint

This app from Microtech enables you to print from your iPhone to printers in your local area network (LAN). You can add a printer simply by typing in the IP address and the app also does a superb job of printing readable web pages. It also saves your browsing history in case you forget to bookmark a page.

4. DocPrinter

This is a really versatile app that is really several printer apps in one. It allows you to download and print documents from FTP, WebDAV and iDisk accounts and, of course, it enables mobile photo, web page and contact printing too.

5. PrinterShare

This app allows multiple users to print on the same machine remotely, which makes it great for businesses. All employees can be set up to print remotely from a shared printer, making the process of printing documents and important files much easier – although it can be a little tricky to install.

Of course, a printing app is rendered obsolete if your printing equipment isn’t up to scratch. Online print specialists Phoenix Direct have got everything you need for the perfect print set- up: from basics like Canon ink cartridges to top of the range wireless printers.

With the right set up, you will be free to print high quality images and photos wherever you are so that they’re ready when you need them to be. With apps that allow sharing, greater printing efficiency is enabled – making it perfect for both personal and business use.

This guide to mobile printing apps is provided by Phoenix Direct. Phoenix Direct are specialist printing suppliers who offer everything from Canon ink cartridges to top end printer. Visit their website for more information on the latest printing technologies and to view their extensive product range.

 Going Mobile – 5 Apps To Print On The Go

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