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Gmail’s New Look: What’s New In This Update?

by Maverick on November 2, 2011

Few weeks back, we have mentioned that Google was on the verge of updating all their products and over the last few weeks we have seen plenty of updates from them. We have seen them providing new look for their search page, Gmail, etc. It seems the Gmail team was not happy with the last updated (especially its design) and that’s why they might have updated the Gmail again today. Let’s see an overview of all the improvements.

Gmail New Look Gmail’s New Look: What’s New In This Update?

Clean And Modern Look:

After the last Gmail update, many people told that the look wasn’t that great and it was bit pale too. Although they haven’t bothered about the paleness, the Gmail team delivered a cleaner and more modern look.

New Themes:

The Gmail has added many new themes via this update. Explore them and customize the look of Gmail in the way you want.

Improved Conversations View:

The New Gmail comes with an improved conversations view which will bring your messages to the forefront along with the profile picture.

Display Density:

Now you can customize the number of messages which are getting displayed at the screen with this new feature with three options: Comfortable, Cozy and Compact.

Improved Chat Window:

With the new Gmail, you can control the size of the chat window. You can just drag it to maximize or reduce the size of it.

Advanced Search:

The search box  which comes with the update, will let you to customize your search options. Using this new search box, you can get what exactly you are looking for. Also we can now create filers right from the search box.

Contacts And Tasks:

Now switch to contacts and tasks just by clicking the drop down menu, which will show these options along with mail. This is a new and easy way to swap between Mail, Contacts, and Tasks.

New Toolbar:

The Gmail team replaced the toolbar which used to show the Archive, Delete, etc., with an improved toolbar which will shows us buttons we need at the time of our requirement.

All in all, the New Gmail comes with a much more improved look and features than the previous versions. The Gmail team announced that all the accounts will be upgraded to the new look soon. Well, if you don’t want to wait for it, just go to your Gmail and click “Switch To The New Look” to get it.

Gmail’s New Look Video:

Do let us know your thoughts and opinions about Gmail’s new look, via the comments section below.

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sunil November 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Beautiful. This is the best ever update of Google in all its product. Am loving it.

Gourav Jain November 3, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Same here Sunil. :)

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