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GeForce 295.73 WHQL drivers launched, NVIDIA claims game-changing improvements

by T2D Staff on February 22, 2012

NVIDIA launched yesterday the GeForce 295.73 WHQL drivers recommended for all the users of GeForce. Available now for download, the drivers contain several game-changing and NVIDIA-exclusive improvements.

Nvidia logo GeForce 295.73 WHQL drivers launched, NVIDIA claims game changing improvements

The 290.53 beta driver launched in December by NVIDIA introduced first of the performance optimizations to improve frame rates in the shadowy dungeons of Skyrim by about 19 percent. The just launched GeForce 295.73 WHQL drivers offer more performance and it will be helpful for the users of GTX560 and 560 Ti. It will help in increasing the graphics settings of the game, make full use of high resolution texture pack of Bethesda, and also install the user-made mods from Skyrim Workshop.

Last year in November NVIDIA released 290.36 beta driver that boasts GeForce-only Ambient Occlusion support exclusively. It enhanced the immersive world of Skyrim. The 295.73 release has now brought the enhancements to official driver to offer twice the performance.

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