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Earth Day Is A Great Day For Mobile Phone Recycling

by Jaymonds on April 22, 2011

Earth Day is an International event celebrated every year across the globe on 22nd April to create awareness about the numerous environmental problems such as deforestation, global warming and depletion of ozone layer threatening the Earth. The day also reminds us to help prevent pollution and take good care of the Earth and its resources. So it’s a great day to give your old unwanted mobile phones for recycling as it’s an eco-friendly deed. Yes, mobile phone recycling ensures the safe disposal of hazardous elements present in the handsets as well as help conserve our non-renewable natural resources.

Earth Day Mobile Phone Recycling Earth Day Is A Great Day For Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phones contain toxic substances such as arsenic, lead and mercury that can contaminate the environment when the phones are thrown into bins as they finally get into the landfills. But are you wondering what possible harm can these elements cause to the environment? These dangerous substances can seep into the ground water, contaminate the soil and give out methane into the atmosphere when they decompose. Methane is a major contributor to global warming apart from carbon dioxide.

Human beings when exposed to these toxins can develop various health problems including respiratory, developmental and nervous system problems. But when we give the phones for recycling, we make sure these dangerous elements are disposed in a safe manner. Earth Day provides an opportunity for mobile users to spring clean the house and get their hands on all the unused mobiles lying in the house and give them for mobile phone recycling.

Do you know mobile phone recycling also help conserve Earth’s resources? Yes, when we sell mobile phones for recycling, the recycling firms extract the precious metals present in a mobile phone including gold, silver, copper, aluminium, nickel and zinc and reuse them as raw materials in other industries. So, recycling reduces the need to purchase new raw materials. It saves the time and energy to procure fresh raw materials as well. In addition, recycling a mobile can save enough electricity to power the computer 44 hours. So recycling is an environmental friendly way to discard obsolete and damaged electronic items including mobile phones.

When Mother Earth gives so much to us, it is also our responsibility to protect and preserve her. Support Earth Day and help save the environment by recycling mobile on this day. It’s not only good for the Earth, but also for us. What’s more, you earn a decent money as well for the good deed. So why not sell mobile phone for recycling and show you care for Mother Earth?

Happy Earth Day !!!

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Charmaine Ann August 6, 2011 at 9:02 am

I think mobile phone recycling should be a part of our lifestyle and not just done during Earth Day. With brand new mobile handset models being released every year, electronic wastes are also dumped irresponsibly at landfills. Mobile handsets contain toxic substances like led, selenium and PVCs that are hazardous to human health and as well as other living things. Thanks for sharing this post.

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