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Digital Photo Frames And Decorating Your House

by Maverick on September 22, 2011

While many people have heard of digital photo frames, most people still want to know more about them and how to use them before they decide to purchase one and bring it home. While they are very similar in appearance to traditional picture frames, they do have some differences that can affect where you want to display your digital photo frame.

Digital Photo Frame Digital Photo Frames And Decorating Your House

How Does a Digital Photo Frame Work?

Digital photo frames are actually small, simple computers. Their main function is to display photos, and many of them can also play videos and music. The majority of these frames nowadays have internal memory so that you can store media directly on the frame. Some of the nicest frames have storage limits of 1 to 2 GB. They generally have LCD screens, and they display photos wonderfully, so that they are bright and colorful. Many of them have different options so that they display one photo for a certain amount of time or until you change the setting. You can have the digital photo frame rotate through your photos every few seconds or every few hours or even every day.

When you are loading photos onto your frame, you will need to pick which photos are appropriate to display. If you will have the frame in your house or office, some photos might not be appropriate for all viewers. Additionally, some photos might not look good because they are blurry or overexposed. Once you have a set of photos that you like, you need to make sure that they are all in a format that the frame can accept.

Most frames cannot display RAW photos, and you will need to reformat the photos. Then you need to email the photos to the frame or you will need to load the photos onto a mass storage device, which is the most common way to transfer photos. Once you have finished loading the photos on your device, you need to put the device into the frame. From there, your specific digital photo frame will often provide step by step instructions on how to set up your photos.

Decorating with your Frame:

You can place digital photo frames nearly anywhere around your house, and you should remember that most frames come with eyelets or wall mounting hardware. If you have purchased a wireless frame, you will be free to hang or place your frame just about anywhere. However, you should be aware that many of these frames will need to recharge periodically. Mantelpieces and side tables have traditionally been great places to display photos, and they are still great locations for your digital photo frame.

Some things that you should remember about digital photo frames are that they should not be exposed to high humidity or high temperatures. So if you have a sun room, you might display your photo frame in another room. Additionally, if you want to display your frame in a bathroom, you need to make sure that it is well away from the shower or the sink where it could get splashed. Still, when it comes to displaying your digital photo frame, the most important thing to consider is what makes you happy and where you want to see all of your digital photos displayed.

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