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Delta’s Touch2O Technology Faucet

by Maverick on February 2, 2011

The commercial shows very dirty, sticky hands needing a washing. The solution is Delta’s new Touch2O Technology. This technology allows the user to simply tap the faucet, anywhere aside from the soap dispenser and the spray nozzle, to turn on and off the water. Once the faucet is turned onto its touch mode, the on/off state is switched anytime you touch the faucet for about ¼ to ¾ of a second. This was a great decision made by Delta because anything shorter than this touch was probably an accident, and anything longer is most likely a user moving the faucet around for convenience of location. Reviewers have not reported any random water flow stopping or starting without proper user activation, aside from sudden water flowing during cleaning of the apparatus.

Delta Touch2O Technology Faucet Delta’s Touch2O Technology Faucet

The flow rate and temperature of the water will stay consistent with the last setting once it is on the on/off touch mode. The nozzle also has a spray setting, which allows for more intensity in the water flow. And don’t worry about accidentally turning or leaving the water on, because it will turn itself off after four of non-adjusted use minutes.

A problem being reported by some users is the battery life even though Delta claims they should last for about two years. Be careful because some users have said they change the batteries more than once or twice a month, so a hard wiring option may be best. These battery problems are being attributed to a faulty solenoid. If your faucet it faulty, give Delta a call and they’ll more than likely help you out or give you a new solenoid and batteries. When it comes to the installation in general, it’s not overly difficult. Delta even provides the installer with some extra convenient installment tools. If you have an old, stubborn sink to remove prior to installation, be prepared for perhaps a long day. If you are renovating or redoing you kitchen or sink area anyway, this is reportedly the way to go!

If you find yourself with dirty hands a lot, this is shaping up to be a good investment. Although it is priced at $585, the technology seems to be rather accurate and user-friendly.

Get Delta Touch2O Technology Faucet at a discounted price of $297 at Amazon.

Author Bio: This post has been provided by Nicolas D’Alleva. Nicolas is the owner of Specialty Answering Service, a call answering service for businesses nationwide. Specialty provides advanced call answering services and basic telephone answering service applications.

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