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Come March And Be Ready To Greet Apple iPad 5

by T2D Staff on December 29, 2012

Apple is going to introduce iPad 5 based upon the design of its iPad Mini. This is going to be the fifth generation iPad tablet, lighter in weight, thinner in size and faster in operation.

This device is to be seen next year in the month of March, 2013. A Japanese Mac Blog stated that the iDevice giant is on the way of releasing iPad 5 tablet sometime next year, probably in the month of March.

Apple in a surprise move baffled the customers by withdrawing suddenly the third generation iPad tablet from the market and filled the vacancy with its fourth generation iPad device. What is the difference then? Well the difference lay on Apple A6X cell processor and its Lightning port. The fourth generation is supposedly faster than the previous device.

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If we go by this report, then users who had purchased the fourth generation device will regret having buying it, because the next improved version device will be much faster, powerful and containing a faster processor inside.

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