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Cloud Computing: Best Practices

by Maverick on March 23, 2011

Cloud computing is one of the most heavily hyped, yet generally least understood trends in modern computing. Simply put, virtualization or cloud computing is the process of moving office information technology resources and data storage offsite and accessing them through a high-speed internet connection.

Cloud Computing Advantages Best Practices Cloud Computing: Best Practices

Traditional IT server management requires at least a minimal onsite staff to maintain and update software and significant computing equipment in order to keep all office systems running at full efficiency. By moving these resources to a secure external location, employees can access their needed software programs and data from anywhere with an internet connection. This can increase productivity, reduce downtime and allow companies to budget for IT costs more effectively and proactively.

Cloud computing is an environmentally-friendly technology because it allows centralised management of IT resources for a number of companies simultaneously and reduces energy waste overall. A streamlined user interface is also an important feature of cloud computing and reduces the learning curve necessary for IT applications.

Cloud computing advantages:

Because the IT resources and software applications are maintained and managed offsite, companies typically pay only for the services they need and use.

The flexibility afforded by cloud computing is especially important for companies that require frequent travel, employees who take extended business trips, and telecommuters.

Cloud computing applications are usually optimized to provide a simpler, easy-to-use interface, reducing the learning curve required for new staff and offering increased communication capacity between various software packages.

In most cases, cloud computing services also include maintenance of the data and applications; this can allow convenient scheduling of upgrades, security updates and planned downtime to create minimal impact on the workflow of the company.

Companies can also save significantly on equipment, energy costs, and staff salaries and benefits by outsourcing their IT systems to a firm specializing in virtualization technology.

Cloud computing best practices:

Security is a major concern for many companies that transfer their IT resources from locally-maintained servers to cloud computing systems. Especially since the very nature of virtualization means a company’s data and applications are stored in a way that allows them to be easily accessible online.

For this reason, greater security methods must be employed in order to keep valuable information protected from intrusion or theft. Cloud computing best practices therefore include higher degrees of password protection, additional levels of security at the hosting site, and other advanced computing security measures designed to protect the company’s sensitive financial and proprietary information.

Companies can realise significant rewards by converting their existing IT resources to cloud computing systems, but these benefits come with accompanying risks. Businesses that are unwilling to maintain the higher security required for virtualization implementations can put their essential data at risk. By working with an established cloud computing services provider, ensuring that cloud computing best practices are followed, and safeguarding sensitive company information from loss and theft, most companies can benefit from the flexibility and convenience that cloud computing can provide.

Author Bio: Amy Greenacre writes on behalf of, business technology article library; for the latest cloud computing white papers

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Nanospeck July 8, 2011 at 11:22 pm

Hey awesome article. It gave me an insigth into the world of cloud computing and its great benefits!!

Destiny Islands October 25, 2011 at 10:22 pm

Wow thanks mate great resource here. We plan to switch onto cloud hosting soon once HostGator becomes a reliable source

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