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Campervan Cool Describes A Wonderful Retro Cool Business Idea

by Maverick on June 12, 2011

The Cambridge News features and article by Louise Cummings in its entrepreneur section called “Campervan Cool” about a Histon couple that has come up with an interesting idea for a car hire business: they rent out VW campervans. Initially buying their own 1966 Split Screen campervan and loving its retro chic and relaxed feel, Paul and Liz Jones decided to try out this innovative business idea to supplement their regular sources of income. They loved traveling with their young daughter Hattie on day and camping trips in their historic vehicle. Inspired, they acquired two other VW campervans, did some renovation, and began the car hire enterprise.

Campervan Cool Business Idea Campervan Cool Describes A Wonderful Retro Cool Business Idea

I love this business idea. Campervans are indeed classic vehicles, and their cult status with wandering and countercultural types is well deserved. They are a model of vehicle that should not end up being relegated to the junk heap. The following are some reasons I think this is a great entrepreneurial experiment:

It Helps Save Retro Campers from Extinction

One of the best attributes of the business described in this article is that it helps preserve what can be seen as a historical resource. Camper vans from the 60s are, of course, associated with hippies and radical movements from that era. As such they have a place in history. This business helps to restore and preserve these automotive icons and thus the history they represent.

The article discusses the fact, for instance, that Paul and Liz broke down on the way home when they bought their first campervan. They proceeded to repair the vehicle at least well enough to serve their purposes, and thus brought the machine back from what would probably have been a certain fate in a junk yard somewhere. The campervans they rent out would likely have met the same fate had they not purchased them.

It Encourages the Right Values

Another thing that comes through in the article and in the business idea itself is that it is as much about encouraging certain values as it is about simply renting out vehicles. Renting a campervan like this is all about sharing time with family and loved ones in a slow paced, meandering, and adventurous way. This seems to be a variant of the general 60s wandering bus theme (think of Ken Kesey’s psychedelic Furthur bus and so on). There is a spirit here of both of the traditional values of families spending time together along with a more universal sense of the human family taking time to explore and find the important things in life, which are often identified in many ways as the togetherness and the journey itself.

It is Artistic

The article describes the lovely colors the campervans are painted and their differences in feel. This is clearly an artistic endeavor as well as a financial and social one – all of which go together in this enterprise. There is an esthetic that applies to these buses which strikes a number of chords at once in other words.

It is Sustainable as a Business

It appears from the article that this is quite sustainable as a business. The vans only need to be maintained in routine sort of way to stay on the road. When not rented they can stay garaged and out of the elements and harm’s way. Thus this is a business idea that can go on for as long as the campers are able to stay in sound condition. Even in the case that the business experiences trouble or the Joneses move on to other endeavors these well restored and classic vehicles can be resold, probably at a profit.

Overall this is a wonderful and original supplemental business idea. I like the way Louise Cummings describes the Joneses and the spirit of their idea. I wish them all success in this innovative and creative entrepreneurial enterprise.

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