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Best iPhone Photo Masking Apps

by Editor on July 28, 2012

With so many Smartphone’s out in the market it can be difficult trying to find one which will suit both the budget and lifestyle. The iPhone is one of the leading Smartphone’s and there are actually many advantages why it is considered as one of the best. The device is highly flexible, productive with image editors that let you play with photos. With the specific editors, it will allow you to superimpose one image on top of the other in order to produce something different and unique.

With just a few taps you can create professional superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPhone and you will not certainly have any need for computers and expensive software to superimpose one image over another. It also allows you to blend images together and create masks to make it seem like they are real. Masking in the apps in one of the most powerful one available in the app store wherein you tap an area in the photo and the apps will mask out all the connected area with similar colors.

Superimpose Best iPhone Photo Masking Apps

Superimpose is the iOS applications which allows you to blend two images together to create beautiful and exciting results. The interface has lot of elements which can actually be daunting once you are not familiar with the idea but with constant practice, you can easily create cool photos.
Here is how it works:

1. Load a background image where you intent to superimpose another image.

2. Load a foreground image with what you want to superimpose. You can use the Home Screen and tap the left side button to select a photo from the library or to snap a new photo. If you are new to this kind of task, it is certain that you will find it confusing because of the number of buttons and icons but it can be quite easy enough as you take time to learn it step by step. There are actually four buttons, Home, Transform, Mask and Filter. As you press each of the buttons, you will notice that it changes seven of the other buttons that are found on the top.

3. On the Home Screen you can use the top-left button either to take a new photo or to choose one from the library to be used as the foreground and background.

4. Mask out the unwanted portion from the foreground image using a wide range of masking tools. You can touch the mask button and hit the gear icon in the upper right to choose which of the masking tools will be used. The masking tools include brush, lasso, global color similarity, rectangle, ellipse, linear, bi-linear or radial gradient. Mask a portion of the tool and the portion of the foreground image will turn transparent so as to reveal the background.

5. Smooth the edges with the smoothing tool inside the apps only if it is required.

6. Move, scale, resize, and rotate. Flip the foreground to place it in the right location on the background image.

7. Adjust the colors, exposure, contrast, hue, saturation of the foreground and background images if required in order to match colors.

8. Save it on the photo library and share it either to Facebook and/or Twitter.
Superimpose works just like it was promised if not for the number of buttons that can really be confusing; however, if you want to make this photo project for serious photo-editing jobs like blending textures and overlaying borders you can easily do so. You can even do double exposures with adjustable transparencies and 18 blending modes.

Image Blender
ImageBlender Best iPhone Photo Masking Apps

Image Blender is another process to blend two images together which is relatively easier than superimpose with the far fewer tools to be used. Similar to superimpose, this process can create cool pictures. The main goal of the application is to get the right amount of effect in the most minimalistic way. It is as easy as choosing two images and using the slider to manage how much of each of the images you would like to blend together.

In image blender, you can use multiple blending modes like Multiply, Overlay, Screen and many more for a simple and clean application of blending images together. The image blender can be used for a lot of things which will fulfill your ideas like:

• Creating your own personalized filters
• Double exposure with control
• Choosing where to apply an effect for other applications

Image blender contains 18 different modes that can be used in blending the images. This is almost similar to how you use Photoshop. If you are familiar with it, you will feel quite confident and at ease to do the blending of images.

To start with the blending, you need to go to the Interface at the small blank box on each side of the bottom which you will need to tap to load the photo that will be used as the background on the left and the foreground on the right. With the slider, you can adjust the opacity of each of the images to make one more visible than the other. You only have two options which are to blend or save the image; however touching the screen will allow you to arrange the photos and use the mask to create a superimposed effect.

Arranging is quite easy as you can just drag to move either the foreground or the background image according to your choice. You can also zoom it to change the size. The masking features will allow you to erase some of the features of the foreground and the background according to your liking and the different sets of brushes will definitely help you create the desired effect. With a little practice, you will be able to superimpose one image over another with ease and speed.

When you are done arranging and masking your images, you can add some effects using the Touch a Blend which has 19 blending modes that will change the effects the way you want it to look like. After you are finished, you can just save the project to the camera roll or export it to another compatible app for more editing.

Color Splash Studio
ColorSplashStudio Best iPhone Photo Masking Apps

Color Splash Studio creates arresting images with a dash of color to black and white photos. There are a lot of color splash apps for the iOS and Mac. After installing the Color Splash on the iPhone, you have three options to choose from, to take a photo, load a photo from the camera roll or a photo from Facebook. Color Photo Studio allows you to crop the picture before loading it as black and white. You can conveniently use the fingers to color specific areas in the photo.

There are three buttons on the top of the app with the color buttons allowing you to add color and the gray button to do the reverse. Using both of the buttons will allow you to color some areas and grey the rest with wayward brush strokes. Just tap the Pan and Zoom button to zero in on the areas that you to want to color with precise brush strokes.

Along the top of the app, there are more tools that can be used. Tap the Brush button to select one of the four brushes which can adjust the opacity, diameter and softness. The FX effects contain three dramatic effects, soft, dreamy and hard light and will also allow you to choose the sepia tone or blue tone instead of the default grayscale tone. The Adjust button will allow you to tweak the intensity and hue of the grayscale tone and other color layers of the photo. There are also sliders that will adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo as well as vignetting. The More Tools button is for editing options including the capability to invert the mask which flips the monochrome and color areas of the photo.

Along with the buttons on the top of the app is the Undo button to repeatedly edit not only the last edit but including the previous edits. Once you find that you are happy and satisfied with what you have done to the photo, you can tap save and share it over Facebook or Twitter. You can also save the photo on Camera Roll, send it as a postcard, email it or send it to MacPhuns own FX Photo Studio App for further editing.
Color Splash Studio does not have the superabundance of features found in other image editing apps but the results from the project can be quite good looking. A splash of color can certainly do much to change a picture. Your artistic abilities and creativity will be enhanced when you use this app. The application is easy to use and would be quite fun to use in an iPad but unfortunately there is no version available for the iPad. For a photo editing session using color splash on the iPad, check out Paint FX. You certainly will have your fun splashing color on different photos.

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