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Adobe Flash Player 11 Review

by Maverick on September 9, 2011

Adobe is the highly running program of our time. People are seeking experts of Adobe as it is quite helpful and revolutionary software developing so many applications. And the Adobe creators also are bringing advancement in it with so many renewing Adobe functions. Recently, Adobe has released its latest Adobe Flash Player version This new update of adobe has made to fixing up about 23 critical problems found in its earlier version. In those errors 13 and 7 for Shockwave and Photoshop CS5, Flash Media Server and RoboHelp are main parts to get focused. The latest update of Adobe which is Adobe Flash Player 11 is featured to win over all previous faults.

Adobe Flash Player 11 Review Adobe Flash Player 11 Review

Working on all previous problems, this release Adobe Flash player 11 has the 64-bit support. This version has come to serve by offering 32-bit and 64 bit binaries to the users for their Linux application use. The provided memories by this release are not merely used for Linux application, but are greatly important for windows and Mac programs. In addition to it, Adobe has kept all the required features and has added them to this latest release.

Key Features Of Adobe Flash Player 11:

This release of Adobe is nothing but a miraculous one as it comes along with so many features, which are cover up all previous issues in old additions. It is consisted to a pack of down level GPU- with powerful APIs. These are essential tools to enhance 2D and 3D capabilities of multiple devices and their screens as well. By using it in normal way, this software boosts up the device performance, along with 3D utility. In the initial announcements, Adobe has come up with its promise to release “Molehill” for mobile operating systems very soon.

The 11th edition provides a native 64 bit support for operating system as well as to the browsers of Linux, Max OS and Windows. It also has a feature of G.711 codec which helps operators to integrate voice and phone features for business applications. H.264/ AVC SW offers better video quality by H.264 video standard with video chat, conferencing online and live video surfing. Using Socket, it helps to make out the code for creating Transport Control Protocol network to send or receive binary data. Moreover it also protects sockets balance which provides highly protective communications for server applications and clients too.

In this program, you can take benefit of using a support feature of JPEG-XR image file compression with high quality picture and less bandwidth in it. As using alpha channel transparency, you can have best of the best’s compression image. There in the latest release of Flash Player of adobe, users can have support of the Broadcom Crystal HD while operating with Linux. As earlier it was available only for Windows. All in all Adobe Flash Player 11 is a great application which no one can ignore.

Download Adobe Flash Player 11

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idownloader September 19, 2011 at 5:07 am

thia version of adobe flash player 11 is Release Candidate or the official version?

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