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40 iPad Apps For Language Learners

by Maverick on September 30, 2011

iPad is no doubt a great device for almost all purpose in today’s lifestyle. This everyone knows, but what many don’t know about the iPad is that it is also an incredible tool for learning. Yes, you read it right. It helps in your learning, and language learning is one of those. Whether you are learning Japanese Kanji or the sweet Spanish, the iPad will help you a lot.

iPad Apps For Language Learners 40 iPad Apps For Language Learners

iPad is a step ahead than simple textbook type of learning foreign languages. There are several utility and good apps for iPad available that will help you to learn languages through flash cards, city tours, cultural cuisine, foreign news and many more interfaces.

Below are best 40 iPad apps for language learners that will not only teach language but will also immerse you in another culture:

01. Fotopedia Paris:

Right from the iPad now you can explore the City of Light in photos. French students can study the art of the city, the street life, architecture, Louvre and more with the help of this Fotopedia Paris iPad app.

02. Count to Ten:

This iPad app is a numbers game that teaches you how to identify numbers in different languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and English of course.

03. 2011 World Factbook:

The 2011 World Factbook iPad app helps you to study different countries, their culture, languages and more.

04. Hello-Hello Spanish for iPad:

This iPad app helps you to improve your vocabulary, communication skills and many more in Spanish. It has offline feature so that you can learn even without connectivity.

05. Aiueo-Hiragana for iPad:

This iPad app is for Japanese students. You will touch, listen and learn the language. With the touch you can learn clear pronunciation of any character. You can learn Hiragana and Katakana alphabets with this app.

06. Word Lens:

Whenever you point the built-in video camera towards any text, the Word Lens app will translate it instantly. It is too much in real time.

07. Latin Study Buddy!:

With the help of this app you can learn basic Latin vocabulary. It features test mode, report card as well as study mode for all the references to Latin words.

08. Beginner Japanese for iPad:

This is one of the perfect iPad apps for learning Japanese in just minutes each day. You have to follow the storylines in it, also get personal teachers, detailed lesson notes and cultural insight.

09. Remembering the Kanji:

This app utilizes the Heisig Method to teach you Japanese Kanji language. It has slides and flashcards to make learning easy and fun.

10. Univision:

This is a great app for Spanish students. You can follow news and more in Spanish language that includes videos and articles. You can also learn the Mexican culture with the help of this app.

11. Google Translate:

From the house of search engine giant, Google Translate app for iPad is arguably the best translator. It can instantly translate any content in 58 languages. Some languages can be translated through speaking instead of typing. It automatically detects the language of input text.

12. Mindsnacks Italian:

The name may sound something foody but the app goes beyond that. It inspires Italian learning. You can use it for playing games. It is full of challenges with master words and phrases in Italian.

13. Human Japanese HD:

This is an app that features learning Japanese with human touch. It just does not have canned phrases, but it also helps you how to build a cultural and linguistic understanding. There are animations, interactive games, recordings and many more to help you learn the language quickly and easily.

14. Al Jazeera Arabic Live:

You can watch live news from Al Jazeera in Arabic. This is a good app for learners.

15. Free City Maps and Walks:

You can take a virtual walking tour with the help of this app to about 470 cities across the world. It will take you to major attractions of each city and its routes.

16. Free Spanish Tutor:

This is an offline app for iPad that offers you to refresh your Spanish skills. It features some of the best interactive study tools that includes quizzes, puzzle games, flash cards etc.

17. Midori:

This is one of the most used Japanese dictionary app for iPad having more than 146,000 word entries along with 150,000 example sentences. It can also detect handwriting and help you to search and translate.

18. ILoveYou in 50+ Languages:

How nice and impressive it would be if you can convey your love in more than one language to your beloved. This app solves the problem. With this you can share your romance in an international way. It can help you to say I Love You in more than fifty different languages.

19. NHK World TV Live:

Watch the popular Japanese news channel live with the help of this app. This is one great way to learn and absorb the language.

20. Vocabulary Trainer: English-Spanish :

Use this iPad app to learn one thousand most common Spanish words. It features fun training game with which you can build your knowledge by playing for few minutes every day.

21. Language Master Western Europe:

With the help of addictive gaming in this app, you will learn essential words for Western Europe such as German, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian and more.

22. Best of French Cuisine:

The app has fifty excellent French cuisine recipes that can help you to study French. It has last minute menus, the wine recommendations, glossary and many more.

23. AP Mobile:

The AP Mobile is a cool app from the house of Associated Press for your iPad. It offers comprehensive news coverage from across the world. With this you can easily follow the news of your preferred country.

24. Japanese Phrases Free:

This app has sound files in Japanese language. It features lesson, search functionality and many more.

25. Language Translator:

This app translates any text in different languages instantly.

26. World Customs & Cultures:

With the help of this app you can understand the cultures and customs of different countries across the world. You can learn the communication style, greetings, gestures, personal space and more of the countries.

27. French 101 Vocabulary:

This is a good app for beginners. You can learn several vocabularies in French such as money, weather, family, time etc. It can be used even in offline.

28. Lingolook Spanish:

You can master on Spanish travel phrases with this app on your iPad. It has over 800 words and phrases in Spanish along with audio translation features and illustrated flashcards. Learning Spanish is fun and easy with this app.

29. Translator with Voice:

The voice support of this app is cool. The translated language is read aloud for you to help you understand and learn more properly.


This app offers more than 3000 words and phrases in French on 150 different topics. Recordings done by native speakers are also featured in this app.

31. Japanese Flash:

The app has “extreme Japanese training”. With the help of this app you can review you vocabulary. You can practice those words or phrases that you don’t know. The app has been made by students of Japanese.

32. French Word of the Day:

One word per day in French is what the app is all about. Just learn one word each day with English translation and sample sentence.

33. Little Pim Spanish:

This is a one of the best apps for Spanish learners. It has sixty words and phrases in Spanish. Even kids can learn here by playing interactive games teaching basic nouns, verbs and short phrases.

34. Plango:

It is a language learning store and you can download multimedia for foreign language proficiency.

35. Free French Essentials:

You can learn new French words fast with the help of this app on your iPad. It features native speaker audio and also helps you to find commonly used verbs. There are automatic statistics in this app to help you track your learning progress.

36. Italian Food:

This app will be dear to Spaghetti lovers and Italian students. The app offers Italian recipes along with its culture and map. You can search recipe by regions and towns here. So, have fun studying Italian with this iPad app.

37. Free Spanish English Dictionary:

The app has comprehensive database of Spanish words and phrases to help you learn the language fast and permanently.

38. Free Italian Tutor:

It is a 24/7 Italian learning app that goes beyond simple talking phrasebook and flashcards. It has many more than this.

39. French Gender:

Usually students make mistakes in masculine and feminine. This app helps you to learn differences between the two.

40. Multi Lang Dictionary and Translator:

You can learn multiple translations and definitions with the help of this great app. The dictionary is available both online as well as offline. It features translations, text to speech and many more.

There are many more good apps for iPad with which you can learn foreign languages. Do share those apps if you have used it in the below comment section.


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Robin October 1, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Pretty decent collection of apps to test out.. let me try it out in my iPad.. thanks.


Oliver October 4, 2011 at 4:11 pm

For an enjoyable and effective way to study kanji try the Kanji Wordsearch iPhone app.

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