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4 Reasons The Kindle Fire Is Hot This Holiday Season

by Greg on November 12, 2011

There’s no doubt that when the Kindle Fire comes out next week all heck is going to break loose in the tablet market. Why? Because the low price point is going to make tablets finally accessible to the masses and this in turn is going to create demand like we’ve not seen before.

kindle fire from amazon 4 Reasons The Kindle Fire Is Hot This Holiday Season

Amazon is very smart and knows exactly what it’s doing. Come November 15th, an uproar will be heard nationwide as the Kindle Fire makes its much anticipated debut. Below we highlight four reasons why the Kindle Fire is going to be *hot* this Holiday season.

1. Size – the Kindle Fire is set to have a 7 inch screen making it much smaller than the iPad from Apple but bigger than your average smartphone. It’s a new size in the tablet market and although it remains to be seen how it fares, many are speculating that this smaller more compact size is a BIG plus to users.

2. Weight – another prime element that many are saying is a differentiating feature among tablets already on the market is the size of the Kindle Fire. This model is set to weigh only 14.6 ounces making it much lighter and more portable than the iPad and other tablets. This can (and will) make the difference between holding it easier in your hand, your lap, your pocket, purse, etc. Many iPad owners have claimed the device is a tad on the heavy side, Amazon took this into consideration when it created the smaller and lighter Kindle Fire.

3. Price – as we mentioned above price is another illuminating feature of the Amazon tablet. The price of the Kindle Fire (as of this writing) is set at $199 a big difference from the iPad price of $499 for the entry level model. This alone will be a HUGE factor in sales and buyer acceptance.

4. Amazon – one of the most notable features of the Kindle Fire is the fact that many popular Amazon services will be built-in, such as the Kindle app for ebook reading, Amazon cloud for virtual storage, Amazon MP3 store for music, Amazon apps, Amazon games, etc.

We would venture to say that the Kindle Fire is a great way to bring all of Amazon’s services and tools together in beautiful brilliant full color style. And this my friends is why the Amazon tablet will be on *Fire* this Holiday season.

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Guest article by Missy Diaz: who writes for several clients including a high speed internet provider on the web.

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