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4 Best iOS Game Development Books

by praveen on August 17, 2011

You have an iPhone with you! Didn’t you know that you could develop your own game using your iPhone? Never mind! You do not have to feel embarrassed about this, either for not knowing this option or for not knowing how to develop a personalized and customized game for you! Here you will find some of the best iOS game development books which will guide your imagination into a reality! Here are they,

Best iOS Game Development Books 4 Best iOS Game Development Books

Best iOS Game Development Books

1. Pro iPhone Game Development:

This is a 350-page book telling you about all the tricks, tweaks and how-to methodologies of developing your own iPhone games, and the book is an English version only. Therefore, this has worldwide acceptance and customers who have read and made use of this book found this highly satisfactory. However, what is not good about this book is that this was not officially published, but still if the content of a book is more important to you, then you can blindly fish out your money for buying this book. You could also create a game, sell it in the market and make money out of it as much as you can. This book covers both 2D and 3D game programming topics.

Download: Pro iPhone Game Development

2. Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies:

Though not exactly being a programming book, this book has all kinds of useful information that an iPhone application developer will look out in the market. You will be able to learn the nuances of the application market. If you have great ideas of developing an application for iPhone, you will find that this book helps in you the following ways:

  • What gaps are there for you to develop to make a successfully selling iPhone application,
  • Will help you to find your ideas a niche in the application market,
  • Will tell how to price your app and make the best profit out of your application,
  • Explore a suitable revenue model and promote your application,
  • Demonstrate effective ways to provide service and support to customers.

This book is good both technically and in the technological business.

Download: Starting an iPhone Application Business For Dummies

3. iPhone User Interface Design Projects:

If you are thinking of developing a hit iPhone application then you should think of reading this book before you actually begin the process of developing an iPhone application. This is because the versatility of your applications user interface on iPhone is highly important for this to make it big in the market. This book will teach you all the knacks and tricks, which will help you to make the iPhone application big in the market.

Download: iPhone User Interface Design Projects

4. More iPhone 3 Development:

If you know the basics of an iPhone application or a game developer as a basic programmer, this is not sufficed that you can develop interesting programs or games that are more amicable on the iPhone iOS platform. You need to read this book, which will tell you and will take you into much more advanced programming topics for developing any kind of topics. And what is more interesting is that such an important book comes for an unbelievably incredible price!

Download: More iPhone 3 Development

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Do let us know your favorite iOS Game Developement books with us, via the comments section below.

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