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4 Adobe InDesign Tutorial Websites For Graphic Designers

by guestauthor on January 1, 2012

Adobe clearly rules the market for graphic design products, which is why good graphic designers understand the need to know the programs that are or were in Creative Studio. Although you can find some common capabilities in many of Adobe’s products, page layout is really the purview of Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign Tutorial Websites 4 Adobe InDesign Tutorial Websites For Graphic Designers

Adobe InDesign is different than graphic design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator to be sure, but that doesn’t mean it won’t test your design mettle when you open it. If page layout for print or publication of any kind is part of your current work, or your future aspiration, you’ll want to get cozy with the graphic design training available to you through these InDesign tutorial sites. If you’re going to start somewhere, this site won’t disappoint you! InDesignSecrets bills itself as “The World’s #1 Resource for All Things InDesign,” and they’re probably right. Whether you’re looking for tips on something out of the ordinary like obscure Control Panel functions or something run-of-the-mill like drop shadows, this tutorial site will help out. In addition to providing loads of free tutorials – and an archive that stretches back to 2005, this site also offers podcasts that focus on InDesign. It’s a great resource to help you pick up on the program’s capabilities, as well as to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. To get started here, visit If you want to learn InDesign, where better to do so than at the feet of the master? Adobe offers this site that’s filled with multimedia tips and tools for graphic designers just getting started with InDesign. From loading the program to finding your way around the software, this site has plenty to offer those who are new to the program. It’s also a good walkthrough for anyone who’s upgrading from an older version of InDesign to InDesign CS5 or CS5.5. Take full advantage of the How-To guides, and pick up some basic skills with the materials in the Learn More section. You’ll find helpful videos that show you exactly what you should be doing, so they’re great for some end-of-the-day skill-building. Get started at

Pixel2Life: You’ll find a large collection of InDesign tutorials on this site that are good for designers of all skill levels. The site actually contains tutorials that cover a number of graphic design programs, but the InDesign section is definitely worth checking out. You’ll pick up some good information on basic operation, drawing, exporting, text effects, printing and user guides, as well as tips on combining the best of InDesign and other programs you may need to use. All of the material on this site is provided free of charge and generally works for several versions of InDesign. Take a look at this site at

Vandelay Designs: It’s not the most updated site on the Web for InDesign tutorials, but this site will give you a shove in the right direction if you’re just learning to use InDesign. You’ll find loads of tutorials that are hosted on-site, as well as links to other online resources that can help you get all of the InDesign tutorial assistance you’re looking for. From this site, you can tune into Adobe TV, Spyre Studios, Layers Magazine, VectorTuts+, ComputerArts and more. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to find the best InDesign resources available on the Web today. To visit, direct your browser to

Here’s an Honorable Mention for the list: InDesign Magazine. Although the tutorials are sparse here, the print magazine is loaded with a lot of killer information about InDesign and its capabilities. Here’s the bonus for non-subscribers: The Tip of the Week. The TOW is a quick explanation of a feature, bug, or how-to for Adobe InDesign. You can pick up a lot of good how-to’s for simple program functions here. Check them out at

Morgan Bus, loves to write about tech and lifestyle pieces, he recently started to get in the graphic design field hoping he could write about it on his blog.

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