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10 Tips To Organize And De-Clutter Your Home Office

by guestauthor on May 20, 2011

With so many people working from home these days, it has become more difficult to separate work space from living space. Not everyone has an office dedicated to work; sometimes that space is a corner of a bedroom, or part of the dining room table. Here are 10 tips to help organize your work space.

Organize And De Clutter Home Office 10 Tips To Organize And De Clutter Your Home Office

1) Handle paper only once:

As each piece of mail or paper comes across your desk, decide right then and there what you are going to do with it; either file it, toss it or action it. If you can’t pay your bills right away, put them in a separate bin or basket with a due date clearly labelled. Or, even better, sign up for online payments and automatic withdrawals. Many companies now have paperless billing options.

2) Buy proper shelving or drawers:

If you’re limited on space, purchase taller shelves so there is more vertical space. For an even neater appearance, purchase shelves with doors that you can close at the end of the day or when not in use.

3) Create a filing system:

Invest in a filing cabinet and keep all of your important papers there. This way they are not piling up on your desk, wreaking havoc with your de-cluttering efforts.

4) Keep things handy that you use often:

Pens, paper clips, push pins can all be organized using a desk tray. Keep handy anything that you find yourself reaching for the most.

5) Tidy up at the end of the day:

A quick tidy at the end of your work day will give you peace of mind and will get you off to a good start for tomorrow.

6) Get a desk organizer:

Trays and small bins will keep items handy but uncluttered.

7) Keep colours simple:

Keep your colour scheme simple yet attractive so it doesn’t distract you. Of course, this depends entirely on your creative style; if you love bright, bold colours, by all means go ahead! This could be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing every day.

8 ) Get a Magnetic memo board:

This will keep important and inspirational messages right at eye level when you put it above your desk.

9) Baskets, trays and bins:

These work well for those on a budget, instead of going to an office supply store. Be as creative as you like!

10) For a bedroom office, try an armoire:

Modify it with shelves, boxes, bins and file folders to keep all of your business items in order. Once you are finished working for the day, close the armoire doors and it converts back into a decorative piece of furniture for your bedroom.

No matter what the size of your space is, there are ways to reduce clutter and stay organized. The above tips will help you get started and relieve some of the stress associated with clutter and disorganization. Once your space is organized, you’ll be able to work better, think better and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

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Ankit May 20, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Wish, would have an office. “Home Office” soon! :P

Gourav Jain May 24, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Haha …. I’m sure that if you continue working like this, you will soon have a Office with a few hundred employees working under you. Good luck man …… My wishes are with you :P

geekshub June 1, 2011 at 8:53 pm

Though not for me but still interesting..

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