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10 Things You Should Know About Google AdSense

by Editor on February 22, 2015

The labor market is empty and the winds are whistling in your pocket? You have computer but you feel that you haven’t used its full potential? Well the good news are that you can actually earn some global money here and now with Google AdSense.

#1 What It Is?

Google AdSense is one of the most popular, accessible and simplest Pay-per-Click program which aims to show banners to its target audiences on different channels. The commercials actually have very different formats that can be used even on the video wallpapers, like well-known Youtube is doing or to place it in gaming sites and etc. This Google’s software is available on the internet and lets its user to use and generate the banners on their personal sites that might bring the money to them and thicken their wallets.

#2 How To Earn?

Google AdSense advertising areas are used by millions of websites all over the world – from the beginner to the most popular, such as Youtube, Linkedin, Vimeo, 9gag and etc. It goes without saying that the more traffic you generate, the more likely you will earn from the ads targeted to your audience. For example, earned money basically depends on what is your pay-per-click cost for one click. The average cost of the click is actually 0.20$ but might vary from 0.05$ to even 50$. If we would take that the price is 0.20$ and from one hundred of your visitors, two of them click on the ads – you have already 0.40$ in your pocket.

#3 Payments

Probably one of the main disadvantages of using this program is that you cannot get your earned money whenever you want. In order to get the payment, you have to accumulate 100$ in your account. Perhaps it is good if you want to save, but if your site does not have a very high attendance, you will probably need a little time to collect this amount. Again, if we will take that the cost per click is 0.20$, in order to get the payment, you will need even 500 clicks.

#4 Adaptability

Google AdSense ads appearing on the websites are sufficiently adaptable. You have the option to change the size, format and color of the ad and customize it to your site. In addition, you can select and reject certain categories of advertisers which you don’t want to appear on your site.

#5 Contextual Advertising

Google AdSense advertisements are selected by the content of the website and each banner is always closely related to the theme of it. For example, in a blog about interior design mostly furniture, household equipment or niche magazines banners will appear. Do not worry – toothpaste advertisement will not end up in your food blog.

#6 Do Not Tease Your Visitor

By using Google AdSense you are able to place many various types of content and advertising, so for different websites only to their content related ads will be generated. What’s more – you can edit and adjust the minimum advertisements that would be more appropriate to the overall design and layout of the site. In this way, your web content quality is not suffering so much and you have more chances to achieve your target audience and for the owner of the site – it means guaranteed income.

#7 The Proper Format

As we have talked before, Google AdSense advertising banners are easily adaptable to a variety of types and content sites. When you choose the format of advertising, keep in mind that one of the best are large rectangles – 336×280. Wider formats will work much better than others, because they take up much less vertical space. If the size is not appropriate for your website, you can also choose from the other popular formats – 300×250 or 160×600.

#8 Ad Placement Is Important

Visually it might seem that your hosted advertising looks very good. However, thinking strategically to generate more clicks, you should take into consideration the venue of the ad. For example, vertical ad looks much better next the content, on its sides and square ones or rectangles look perfectly in the center of column. However, advertising appearing on the bottom of the content, perhaps, will receive the least attention. In order to find out where is the best place for the ad and to squeeze out all the possibilities from it you can use ‘heat maps’. This is a gadget that will show you where your visitors concentrate their attention on the page layout.

#9 How Many Ads Can I Place?

In order that the web site still retains its essential purpose and is not swamped with advertising, there are certain requirements. In one page, you can place only up to three AdSense units. If you will host the ads in the content, remember that in short article they should be placed over the text, and in the longer one they should appear in the middle of the text. Do not forget the fact that the wider format you use, the more advertising attracts attention and receives more clicks.

#10 Do Not Cheat

Some may think that they can increase clicks by themselves or think of other strategies, such as spreading the links among their friends and etc. However, do not risk it, because Google is determined to seize cheating. In this case, your Google AdSense account will be closed and you will lose this source of income.

After all, Google AdSense seems to be pretty reliable tool for both – advertisers and advertised ones. If you do not have very much time and other costs, it is a great way to start your advertising campaign, which allows not only effectively advertise yourself, but also to earn.

What about you? Do you use Google AdSense in your site? What problems you encounter?

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