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10 Reasons Microsoft Windows Will Still Dominate The Market In 2012 And Beyond

by Maverick on November 9, 2011

Microsoft Windows would Still Dominate in 2012 and beyond, is it true? In fact, it dominates the world’s PC market.  As of 2009, windows had approximately 91 % of client operating systems market share for usage on the internet.

Microsoft Windows Dominate Market 2012 10 Reasons Microsoft Windows Will Still Dominate The Market In 2012 And Beyond

  • History of Microsoft windows dates back to 1985 when it was first introduced, with many updates and releases and introduction of Windows 95 to windows 7 in October 2009.  A personal computer comes already loaded with windows and a copy of it, directly making the consumers to just use windows and giving a slim chance to think for an alternative.  This is how Microsoft’s’ hold is growing in the PC world.
  • Windows XP, the most popular operating system which was originally released in 2001, continues to dominate worldwide. Windows 7, though gaining global popularity, is yet to cross the windows Xp markets share across the globe.  Windows Xp is extremely flexible with its strong hold on Application Support, Gaming, Speed and with wonderful Media Center that laid first steps in home entertainment. Definitely Microsoft Windows will still dominate in 2012 and beyond.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 is the company’s bestselling software till date. It has already crossed the magical 100 million mark. On one in every ten personal computers around the globe windows 7 is installed. Consumers as well as business users are adopting the OS.  In other words Vista’s shortcomings are gaining the sales of Windows 7. However, Microsoft Windows will still dominate in 2012 and beyond.
  • The incredible features of Microsoft Windows make you hold to it! A better desktop to access the PC fast like never before, a very good taskbar and a smarter search.  Sharing files and printers with Home Group is easy simple. It is built for speed with a 64-bit support.  It has better wireless networking (laptops).
  • For the first time Windows Touch, including true multi-touch technology, needs just using your fingers to browse, flip photos, open files and folders.  Media Streaming helps stream your music and videos from your computer to TV or a stereo.
  • It has the most powerful Internet Explorer with the ability to launch websites, right from the taskbar.  With a friendly Action Center and Device Stage, this plays well with devices.  Undoubtedly, Microsoft Windows will still dominate in 2012 and beyond.
  • Microsoft Windows 8 with foundation technology of Hyper-V could change everything, and dominate the future era of desktop virtualization.  The latest build of Windows 8 has the Hyper-V in its Control Panel. It means that the virtualization layer runs on bare metal, not as a guest of the operating system.   Till date Hyper-V was in particular, an entity available with Windows Server.   If this is made as the foundation then the next version of Windows will revolutionize everything. It could fetch the best solution which is possible for desktop virtualization.  In today’s scenario VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) in which the windows clients (usually a dumb terminal) are run in virtual machines in a server at the data center.  There is no mobility because there has to be continuous connection between the two i.e., server and client. Along with this heavy duty server hardware enough network bandwidth is necessary. (VDI delivers security as well as centralized management).
  • In Windows 8 client hypervisor, which may be the role of Hyper-V, runs a Windows desktop inside the client instead of Server.  Users would get the ability to run without connecting to the server and take with them windows virtual machines like a tablet or a laptop.  The IT also enjoys the security and manageability benefits of VDI.
  • Hats off to Microsoft for a complete fresh approach to the platform of mobile and niche presence in the mobile phone market giving tough competition to Google and Apple. Windows Phone 7 series is slick and well organized.  With a whole new navigation system it has a fresh look totally.  Zune, the media player of Microsoft’s personal is the main draw. So Microsoft’s windows presence is not only limited to PC world. It is moving towards the mobile industry too.  With this assured is that Microsoft Windows will still dominate in 2012 and beyond.
  • Microsoft Windows is best at security Features.  It is safe and secure for both enterprise and PC.  It is best at protecting users from security threats and other viruses.

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Paul Salmon November 9, 2011 at 6:47 pm

I don’t see Microsoft going anywhere anytime soon with regards to the dominance of Windows. If Windows 8 can be a great successor to Windows 7, then this will show that Microsoft has turned a corner with regards to producing a bad OS every second try.

The fact that Windows XP is still a dominant OS is quite amazing (also helped by the fact that Vista was so bad). Using Windows XP in 2011 is like using Windows 95 in 2005. With about 2.5 years of support, I can’t see XP disappearing very quickly.

Mohd Akbar November 11, 2011 at 5:55 pm

This 10 Reasons of Microsoft Windows Tips is useful for everyone. Thanks for great information article Sathishkumar.

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