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10 Features That iPhone Copied From Android

by Maverick on July 27, 2011

While Apple was proud to have reinvented the smartphone, iPhone ran behind the competition in the market to regain ground. Such competition has generated a lot of innovation. And many of the features that iPhone users have on their phones today started first with Android. The site Business Insider listed 10 of these tools that are now part of Apple’s smartphone, but have already been with Android.

Multitasking - Apple took three years to take multitasking to the iPhone, and did different from what users expect.The open applications are placed on hold, and double-click the Home button, they return to work where you left off.Android is capable of performing multiple tasks since the first version.

Bar notifications - A new bar notification in iOS is very similar to most Androids.

Wireless Synchronization - The iPhone will be able to sync wire-lessly with iTunes with the launch of iOS 5, whereas Android users have synchronized music, movies and contacts via Wi-Fi with the home PC long before.

iphone copies android e1311741838787 10 Features That iPhone Copied From AndroidApps on the lock screen - The iPhone will allow the opening of a calendar alert or other notification from the device lock screen

Wallpapers customizable - Just last year the iPhone users could got the option to choose their favorite photos to use as wallpaper on the phone. This was already possible in Android, which still has the options of animated wallpapers.

Wireless Updates - Most Android phones are able to receive updates without synchronization with computers. Apple will begin to allow this when launching iOS 5.

Front camera - HTC EVO was released with a front camera weeks before the iPhone 4. iPhone narrowly lost it.

LED flash - Many Android devices have LED flash on their cameras, which was made available with iPhone from last year only.

Multiple carriers - This is more for users in the U.S.. Android handsets were only sold by T-Mobile, but spread across the four largest U.S. carriers. iPhone stuck with AT & T until February this year, and is available in only one more operator.

Voice Control - While Android handsets have integrated voice control features, whereas, the arrival of the same feature to iOS is just a rumor.

Do you noticed any other similarity which we missed above ? If Yes, then please let us know through Comments.

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bbrian017 July 29, 2011 at 2:08 am

Actually the majority of this stuff was already on the jailbroken idevices. So if anything apple and the android stole it all from the Cydia community. I’ve had all of this functinality since 2006 lol but you had to jialbreak to get it.

m3kw October 26, 2011 at 6:57 am

Apple didn’t copy Android’s multitasking, it was just late to implement it. Or did you meant Android invented multitasking and then Apple copied it? lol. Or did you think Apple didn’t know multitasking can be possible on a mobile device and was was so dumbfounded that it had to copy Android? Whats more likely?

Ax October 26, 2011 at 8:57 pm

When Apple created the iPhone, nobody took them seriously. When Apple struck a deal with AT&T, the only choice they had was to sign a 5 year exclusive contract with them. Not entirely Apple’s fault they were on one carrier. Now that the contract is up, they are moving to other carriers.

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